Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:New digital worlds

Augmented Reality (AR) is about integrating virtual things like graphics, objects or animations into the real world. For the user, this creates a mixture of real environment and digitally enhanced content. A well-known example of augmented reality applications is the popular Pokémon GO app. The game offers fascinating possibilities with the projection of funny little characters in your own front garden.

With Virtual Reality (VR), on the other hand, completely new virtual worlds can be presented beyond games. Glasses such as Oculus ensure that customers no longer need a catalog at the travel agency, for example, but can get a digital 360-degree impression of the city trip to Rome directly using VR glasses. Even in industries with complex processes, companies are already developing AR solutions, for example to link maintenance crews directly with the support of machine manufacturers. Support employees mark in real time exactly the screws and maintenance parts in the AR view of the maintenance crew that need to be replaced and advise them on maintenance.

5G thus brings exciting and useful AR/VR experiences to businesses and consumers alike.