A clear ambition: mobile freedom in a digital world

Telefónica Deutschland is the network operator with the most mobile users in Germany.* No other mobile network in Germany has more mobile users. But size is not our motivation: we want to play the central role in our customers’ digital lives, because people play a central role for us. And by focusing on people, we aspire to become a digital communications provider.
Digital lives are now a reality, technology an important part of being human. Connectivity is not only for relating with each other, it’s essential for our personal and professional lives. We therefore allow people to use the achievements of digitalisation at any time and in any place. In a way that fits their wishes, preferences and habits. And without limits. Nobody understands the digital lifestyle as well as we do. This enables us to develop and provide innovative products and services. In so doing, we are shaping the company’s digital transformation. At the same time, we are making sure that people retain control over their data at all times. Our German motto is “Mobile Freiheit”: Everyone must be able to shape their digital lives as they choose. This is the only way to connect individual freedom and the endless possibilities of digitalisation. True to Telefónica’s worldwide motto: “Choose it all_”. We want to be a telco for the people, a telco for your life.
* 50.4 million customer accesses, 45.9 million accesses in the mobile segment alone. Access numbers on a market-comparable basis. Status: 31 December 2017