O2 World on tour:

Live events for free in Munich, Cologne and Hamburg

MUNICH. Munich, Cologne and Hamburg are the stations of the mobile event arena O2 World on tour 2009. In these three cities, O2 events within the categories music, dance, fashion, cinema and new this year - comedy are scheduled. The slogan stays the same: Exclusive. Live. Free. For non-customers as well.
In 2009, the goal of the O2 World on tour is to strengthen the O2 brand and position the O2 World as a magnet for entertainment culture in big cities. The O2 World on tour will start in Munich this year. From 14 to 31 of May 2009, the area around the Parkstadt Schwabing will turn into a hip event zone. The following artists will appear:
-Söhne Mannheims on 14 May 2009
-Quatsch Comedy Club on 20 May 2009
-Fedde le Grand on 24 May 2009
-Thomas D on 28 May 2009
-Samantha Ronson on 29 May 2009
Not only in Munich, but also in Hamburg and Cologne, the Quatsch Comedy Club will be a guest of the O2 World on tour. And, there is lot of excitement about who will also come on stage the O2 World on tour and inspire the fans in Cologne and Hamburg. The latest news on the line-up will be published on www.o2worldontour.de. O2 Customers can save their tickets for selected events in advance. With the "Mobile Ticket" service customers can register via their mobile phone numbers on the website and get a reminder with a keyword shortly before the event. Depending on how quick they answer, the winner is sent a code on the mobile phone to be shown at the entrance of the O2 World on tour 2009. This code ensures admission for two persons. One day before the event starts, non-customers have the opportunity to be put on the guest list together with a companion as well. Registration is possible in every O2 shop in the city where the concert takes place. The ticket quota is limited. Söhne Mannheims on 14 May 2009 The concert series starts in Munich with the music act Söhne Mannheims on Thursday, 14 May 2009. The band and its lead singer Xavier Naidoo currently comprises 14 musicians and has been a top act of the German music scene for many years as proved by the nomination of Söhne Mannheims as "best band" at the VIVA Comet 2009. Quatsch Comedy Club on 20 May 2009 The next guests on 20 May will be Quatsch Comedy Club with Oliver Pocher and Ingo Appelt. Thanks to the high flyers Pocher and Appelt who star in Germany's best known standup comedy show, you can expect a top class and very amusing evening. Both of them have been guests of the Quatsch Comedy Club for many years. Fedde le Grand on 24 May 2009 We move along with Fedde le Grand on 24 May - based on his bedroom studio, there is hardly any hot club between Prague and Sydney today where Mr. le Grand did not raise the roof with his electro music. In 2006, he had hit single across Europe with "Put your hands up to Detroit" which climbed up the charts. Meanwhile, productions for Grammy winners like Will.i.am und Madonna as well as a world tour in 2009 are coming up. This year, he will make a stopover in Germany to join the O2 World on tour in Munich and perform the new hit "Let me think about it" and demonstrate lots of energetic dance and house beats made by le Grand. Thomas D on 28 May 2009 A further highlight of this year's O2 World on tour takes place on 28 May with the concert of Thomas D. After numerous successful tours, TV appearances, music awards and "Goldenen Schallplatten" with his band the "Fantastischen Vier", his third solo album "Kennzeichen D" is out in the stores now. With his new single "Get on Board", the exceptional hip-hopper breaks new ground in pop. During his tour in Germany, he will perform exclusively, live and free at the O2 World on tour in Munich. Samantha Ronson on 29 May 2009 Just one day later, on 29 May, one of the hippest DJanes will play her music for the first time in Germany. Samantha Ronson is from a family of musicians, part of this family is her brother, DJ producer Mark Ronson who says about her: "I have the best job in the world, I play music I Iove and make people dance". After hot events like the Super Bowl or the American Music Awards, Samantha Ronson will heat up the audience of the O2 World on tour in Munich on one evening. Exceptional location Visiting the arena is not only worthwhile for friends of live entertainment. Fans of exceptional design get their money's worth as well: At the outside, the motive of the amplitudes of an equalizer and the terms music, entertainment, fashion and experience communicate the events. Both the construction and graphics optically rise into the height and strengthen the impression of rhythm and dynamics. In the inside, concerts with stage, light and sound technology, fashion shows and dance events for up to 1,400 visitors can take place. A 140 sqm VIP lounge is located next to the hall room. From here, bevels and high jumps three-dimensionally rise into the room and create benches, the bar and the "shop window" to the event hall. The jury of the ADAM Award for excellent brand and trade show appearances was also convinced by this concept. The prize is awarded by the FAMAB Verband für Direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation e. V. The architecture and design are evaluated just as the successful communication of the marketing and corporate goals. The O2 World on tour was awarded the prize in bronze in the category brand worlds at the awards ceremony in 2008. More information: www.o2worldontour.de
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