O2 World Hamburg

Anschutz Entertainment Group enters into naming rights agreement with Telefónica O2 Germany

Hamburg, 13 April 2010 - Anschutz Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of Anschutz Corporation, and Telefónica O2 Germany have announced the expansion of their strategic partnership in Hamburg today. The telecommunications group acquires the naming right for the event arena in Hamburg that belongs to the Anschutz Group. As of today, the Color Line Arena shall be known as O2 World Hamburg. The partnership has been set up for a period of ten years. The objective is to provide a better experience for visitors. For this reason, the already very successful arena will be technologically updated over the coming weeks and months, and an extension is also in the pipeline.
"I would like to congratulate O2 and our team in Germany on this further cooperation. Our companies have enjoyed a fantastic partnership for many years. O2 World Hamburg and O2 World Berlin put us both in an incredibly strong position in the German entertainment market", says Tim Leiweke, President & CEO Anschutz Entertainment Group Inc., delighted about O2's naming rights acquisition for the Hamburg arena. By means of this cooperation, O2 will integrate the Hamburg arena into the O2 entertainment concept for major European cities. Five top European arenas, The O2 London, The O2 Dublin, the O2 Arena Prague and O2 World Berlin, constitute O2's platforms for very special customer and visitor experiences.
René Schuster, CEO of Telefónica O2 Germany, explains: "After the acquisition of HanseNet with its successful Alice brand, this is already our second large engagement in Hamburg this year." With its first-class sports and entertainment events, O2 World Hamburg is a key component of O2 Crew, the entertainment community for our customers and their friends. "The real winners of this collaboration are northern Germany and our customers", says René Schuster with delight. Next to international top acts, O2 customers in the north will benefit from new opportunities that will be made available to them: tickets for concerts that are already sold out, a "Blue Lane" for fast access to their entertainment experience or simply an upgraded seat via text message, the so-called "Blue Seats". In future, Alice customers will also get to enjoy the special services of O2 World Hamburg.
Detlef Kornett, CEO and President of the Anschutz Group in Germany, sees this agreement as the successful completion of a mission. "Two and a half years ago we purchased the arena with the objective of entering a new era together with a new partner in Hamburg. Right from the beginning, O2 was our partner of choice for Hamburg. Both nationally and internationally, both companies stand for a very successful cooperation. This partnership means northern Germany's largest and most successful multifunctional arena will play an even more significant role in the international entertainment industry", announces Cuxhaven-born Kornett. For example, O2 World Hamburg is going to be equipped with modern digital information platforms (including a 360° LED board), expanded in the suite and premium areas and integrated into national media and advertising campaigns. A new entrance and discovery building is also planned. The home of the HSV handball team and the Hamburg Freezers ice hockey team is going to become even more appealing in order to attract yet more fans and visitors.
"This partnership is going to strengthen Hamburg as an entertainment location. O2 World in Hamburg is going to be the number one entertainment attraction in the metropolitan region and the neighbouring federal states. I am ecstatic about working with this partner, as we are going to make tangible improvements for the benefit of our customers together with O2", says arena boss Uwe Frommhold euphorically. www.o2world-hamburg.de