Better network experience for customers: O2 enables LTE for existing customers

As part of its LTE initiative, O2 has with immediate effect unlocked access to the mobile 4G network for all contract customers. This enables customers to enjoy a very good network experience when using their data services on the go. The LTE activation for existing customers of O2 contract tariffs will occur automatically and free of charges. They will benefit from better LTE performance and additional network capacities during mobile data usage.
Whether streaming films or music on their own smartphone or tablet, chatting via social networks or trying out the latest games – customers are already using these services in good quality via Telefónica’s highly equipped UMTS network. However, experiencing them via the LTE network is even better. Via LTE smartphone users can upload or download content at three times the speed and can run their favourite apps even more efficiently. Thanks to the quick reaction times of LTE, the content on websites can also be loaded 30 percent faster.

O2 continues the expansion: Better network thanks to LTE

So far, the O2 network provides LTE for more than 60 percent of Germans. In cities, where most customers use the network, the LTE network has already reached 90 percent coverage. At the same time, Telefónica Deutschland is rapidly driving forward its network expansion programme. With a new campaign around the LTE initiative, Telefónica ensures that both new and existing customers are informed of the activation. In addition, customers will receive specifically tailored notifications via text message and email. Not only will these notifications inform them that they can in future surf via the high-speed network, they will also individually provide practical advice on LTE and its benefits.

Discovering the digital world at super-speed: With LTE from O2

The LTE activation will occur automatically. Customers need not take action themselves. What they need is an LTE-enabled mobile phone and, provided their own one is older than ten years, a new SIM card. If they meet all those requirements, thanks to the LTE activation, customers can use their services better and at higher speed in all LTE regions – and all of this automatically.
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