More minutes and megabytes: O2 on Business tariffs enhanced

O2 is enhancing its individual business tariffs: Starting August 18th, O2 on Business tariffs S and M will provide more data volume for usage inside Germany, and O2 on Business L and XL will include more volume for usage within Europe. Another novelty is the EU Roaming Flat option, which allows unlimited calls inside the European Union for business customers. In addition, the number of minutes included in the O2 on Business XL for calls from Germany to EU or other countries will be increased.
Internationally operating companies need a communication solution that allows them a maximum of freedom, while ensuring they maintain the utmost cost control when travelling. For this reason, the new O2 EU flats include all phone calls, 1 gigabyte of mobile data usage as well as 1.000 text messages. Additionally, there are no one-time charges for dial-up. This new option is valid for all EU countries as well as Iceland, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland. The best part: Starting August 18th, O2 on Business tariffs L und XL will already include the EU Roaming Flat for all new customers. Users of O2 on Business M can add the option for 10 Euros (net price) per month. The EU+Travel option will still remain available.

O2 on Business: More data in Germany and within the European Union

The new O2 on Business tariff
Companies that make a lot of mobile calls to foreign countries will profit in particular from the O2 on Business XL calls. Starting August 18th, the tariff will include 1.000 free minutes for calls from Germany to EU countries, Canada, Russia, the United States and Turkey. Further, data usage within Germany will also be upgraded: O2 on Business S and M have been revised and will in future include more data volume. Starting August 18th, new customers that choose an O2 on Business S for 19 Euros (net price) will receive as much as four times the amount of data volume: a total of 200 megabytes per month instead of only 50 megabytes for internet usage within Germany. The O2 on Business M for 29,00 Euros (net price) per month is doubling the included data volume, increasing it from 1 gigabyte to 2 gigabytes per month. Additionally, the maximum download speed will increase from 7,2 to 21,1 megabits per second. O2 on Business M will also include the free Internet Pack EU, which offers 500 megabytes for usage within all EU countries.

Business class: Personal service day & night

Further, all O2 on Business tariffs continue to include the popular flat rate for calls inside Germany, as well as high-speed LTE. In addition, the tariffs always include a second SIM card, for example for surfing with a tablet. All enjoy real business-class service, with a 24-hour free hotline with a personal contact. As a result, business customers of O2 on Business can not only rely on an optimal price-performance ratio and cost-safety, this also allows them to focus on what’s most important: the work they do for their companies. Further information: O2 on Business tariffs Flyer O2 on Business (in German)