New M2M portfolio by Telefónica: IoT Connect at CeBIT 2016

At CeBIT Telefónica Deutschland has also presented its new tariff portfolio for the automatic communication from machine to machine (M2M): IoT Connect offers a broad spectrum of services, which can be adapted flexibly to companies’ individual requirements.
At the core of this new solution for the internet of things (IoT) is Telefónica’s Global SIM. It automatically connects to the strongest mobile network available in any respective country, ensuring the best access for connected machines in all places. Again, Telefónica’s powerful platform Smart M2M is used for managing the connected devices. This is an intuitive web-based all-over solution for companies looking to manage, visualize and monitor their different connected machines both cost-efficiently and centrally.

IoT Connect: Customized M2M connectivity

IoT Connect offers greatest flexibility, as customers are able to select from Telefónica’s catalogue of services the best suited setup to match their demands. The state-of-the-art management platform is particularly helpful for launching new IoT projects: Smart M2M provides valuable real-time information and allows for easy and flexible operation of connectivity as well as a trouble-free integration into existing IT systems. For its billing, a new intelligent solution was found that is particularly cost-efficient for users: dynamic pooling. This implies that customers buy convenient M2M data packages that are customized specifically to their needs and which can be used collectively by all connected machines. The total size of the packages depends on the actual number of SIM cards used and can be adapted at all times to any changes of requirements.

Global SIM: With Connect Plus and LTE

This way, no company need pay too much, as they are not charged either for SIM cards until they are activated. Each card will only be activated via the Smart M2M platform once it is required by the customer. The new feature Connect Plus ensures an optimum network coverage in all countries. Thanks to this, if needed, further network providers in any agreed tariff zone can be activated for M2M communication. Global SIM makes this possible, with even LTE available for applications with particularly high requirements. IoT Connect can be ordered from early April and is already being presented at CeBIT in Hannover this week: in Hall 13 at Telefónica’s stand D082 at M2M Alliance.

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M2M by Telefónica at CeBIT 2016 Exhibiton stand: Topic: M2M/IoT Pavilion Hall 13, stand D82