Telefónica Deutschland – No German mobile service provider connects more people

Telefónica Deutschland offers mobile and fixed services for private and business customers. With 44.3 million mobile accesses and 2.4 million broadband connections, the company is one of the leading integrated telecommunications providers in Germany. No other domestic wireless network operator connects more people. Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (MDAX) since 2012. The company is majority owned by the Spanish telecommunications group Telefónica S.A..
Telefónica Deutschland will become the "Mobile Customer & Digital Champion" – with this aspiration, the company intends to become the preferred customer partner in the German mobile service market by 2022. This is linked to a clear mandate that Telefónica Deutschland will make its customers’ lives easier and better and allows them mobile freedom in the digital world. In concrete terms, this means a consistently positive experience with the brand, products, customer service and network. The company already has an excellent foundation to reach this goal. No network operator in Germany connects more people with mobile services. Following the integration of E-Plus, the company is digitalising its business model while consistently focusing on customer benefit.

Highly profitable company in the most attractive mobile service market in Europe

For the 2020 financial year, Telefónica Deutschland generated revenue of 7.53 billion euros with almost 8,200 employees. The operating income (OIBDA) adjusted for exceptional effects amounted to 2.3 billion euros. The company is the only telecommunications provider with its own mobile service network that focuses exclusively on Germany – the most attractive mobile service market in Europe. No other country in Europe features such a large development potential. Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2012. It has been a member of the MDAX since 24.09.2018 and TecDAX since 2013. The wholly-owned operational subsidiary Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG operates under its umbrella. The company is majority-owned by Spanish telecommunications group Telefónica, S.A. – one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers headquartered in Madrid and as a group one of the 100 digital pioneers in Europe (Ranking Financial Times 2018).

Comprehensive offering ranging from mobile and fixed services to the digital products of the future

Telefónica flags in front of the office in Düsseldorf
Telefónica Deutschland offers innovative telecommunication and connectivity solutions to private and business customers as well as to cities, communities and public companies. The company sells mobile service products on a contractual basis (postpaid) and in the prepaid segment under the core brand O2 as well as several secondary and partner brands such as Blau, AY YILDIZ, Ortel Mobile, AldiTalk and Tchibo mobil. This multi-brand strategy is a key success factor. In addition, the company offers innovative mobile data services based on a mobile service network using high-performance GSM, UMTS and LTE infrastructure. By 2019, it will be the largest and most modern in Germany with a focus on consistently offering people functional benefits in their day-to-day lives. Telefónica Deutschland is also involved in a wide range of 5G research and pilot projects in Germany and the EU. With its network, Telefónica Deutschland is a significant wholesale provider for other telecommunications providers: They use the company’s infrastructure to provide their own services. In this way, the company fosters vital competition, supports a wide range of products and services and reaches additional customer groups. As such, it is positioning itself as the leading provider of smartphone tariffs and products. As a fully-integrated telecommunications provider, Telefónica Deutschland additionally provides telephony and high-speed Internet products, such as VDSL, in the fixed network field. Beyond its core business, Telefónica Deutschland drives the digital growth areas of “Advanced Data Analytics” and the “Internet of Things”. In doing so, it offers other companies solutions to allow them to make better use of the growth opportunities of digitalisation.

Responsibility in the digital transformation

The Telefónica Deutschland Group’s CR strategy enshrines corporate responsibility throughout the value chain and at all the company levels. With digital technologies, Telefónica Deutschland can make a special contribution to overcoming societal challenges and advancing sustainable development. The company is committed to ensuring that all people can participate in digital life and benefit from digitization. With digital products and services, the telecommunications company also contributes to overcoming societal challenges such as sustainable mobility. Moreover, it is important to Telefónica Deutschland that people retain sovereignty over their data and are able to create their digital life with confidence.

Investor Relations

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