Location-based Messaging: A.T.U.

Integration of Barcodes in MMS for a best possible Customer Experience

With more than 600 branches all over Germany, A.T.U. offers drivers nationwide, brand-independent garage services with integrated shops for car parts. Everything follows the simple motto: High quality at a resonable price. To increase the footfall in selected garages and generate cross- and upsale, the company used Mobile Messaging with Media Servcies from Telefónica. Over a period of different campaign flights, relevant O2 and netzclub customers were invited to take advantage of an exclusive €50 discount at the next A.T.U.
Camapign Mechanics:
-Location-based MMS to O2 More Local customers within close proximity to one of the participating A.T.U. garages.
-Push MMS Messaging with post code targeting based on high quality contract data.
All parties were satisfied with the campaign's outcome. Mobile Marketing helps reaching campaign goals:
-Increase awareness for the A.T.U. speciality markets and garage services.
-Generate new customers and repurchases by offering an exclusive benefit.
-Cross- and upsales among existing customers.
-Maximise the offer's relevance with exact targeting.
-Straightforward customer experience through easy redemption of disount - no internet, no app