Location-based Messaging: Ben & Jerry's

Enjoy an ice-cream with Ben & Jerry's

To promote its Ben & Jerry’s Core Tour 2013 the iconic American brand took advantage of location-based messaging with Media Services. O2 customers where invited via SMS to stop by at the tour bus and get a free ice-cream from the Ben & Jerry's Core range. By using our exact location-based targeting with O2 More Local, we could ensure to only reach highly relevant customers, within close proximity to the tour stop, just on the day of the event. An up front MMS campaign with postal code targeting, was used to invite even more O2 customers and raise awareness for the Ben & Jerry's Core Tour and its stop in their city of residence.
An all-around successful campaign as can be seen by the ad-effectiveness study*:
-Mobile Messaging stays in the customers' minds: More than 70% remember the MMS from O2 on the Ben & Jerry's Core Tour (Aided Recall)
-Mobile Messaging closes the existing gap within the media mix: Almost 50% cannot remember having any other advertising touch Point besides the O2 MMS.
Unilever, Ben & Jerry's mother brand, and Media Services were more than satisfied with the campaign's outcome. In 2014 we renewed the cooperation - this time for the Ben & Jerry's Taste and Tunes Tour.
*Media Services Post-Campaign Survey on PublicEye (July 2013)