Location-based Messaging: McDonald's

Sommer to go with Mobile Messaging from Media Services & McDonald's

To promote its new Iced Fruit Smoothies in three delicious flavors, McDonald's and its media agency Heye OMD chose to integrate Mobile Messaging with Media Services from Telefónica.
O2 More and netzclub customers were invited via Push-MMS to try the new Smoothies at an introductory Price of only 1.99 Euros.
To maximise the message's relevance, we also integrated a location-based Messaging flight. This enabled McDonald's to address potential customers within close proximity to one of their branches. The use MMS allowed McDonald's to reach customers not only via text, but also with pictures that could deliver the message on their own. Mobile Messaging helps advertisers to reach their Marketing goals:
-nationwide more than 1 mio. unique media contacts
-14% said that only the message from O2 prompted them to try the Smoothies*
Mobile Messaging sticks in one's mind:
-38%­ unaided recall - even three days after the campaign message
-41%­ evaluate the MMS campaign as relevant to them
McDonald's, Heye OMD and Media Services from Telefónica were delighted with the campaign's performance.
Due to that the media cooperation was extended, with McDonald's also including location-based Mobile Messaging from Media Services within its media mix to promote McDonald's Monopoly in December 2014.
We sent Push-MMS to O2 More Local customers located near one of the participating McDonald's branches, promoting the Monopoly raffle and leading customers to the next restaurant.
*Media Services Post-Campaign Survey on PublicEye (May/June 2014)