Multichannel: mymuesli

Mobile Marketing to boost Awareness - online and offline

To increase awareness for their stores and online shop, mymuesli chose to run a campaign with Media Services from Telefónica. By using our exact targeting, mymuesli wanted to reach relevant, potential new customers within the base of O2. The campaign's Goal was to generate trial purchases and boost the attention for their new muesli-drinks and the muesli2go products.
Campaign Mechanics:
-Stand-alone E-Mail with exact targeting in a co-branded design with O2.
-Push-SMS with exclusive benefit for O2 customers targeted dependent on their actual whereabouts.
Since it's Launch in April 2007, mymuesli has become a well-known shop for delicious muesli. With over 550 quadrillion mixing-options, every customer can assemble his or her individual muesli following their own taste. With new products such as Oh!Saft, Green-Cup-Coffee or Tree of Tea, the bavarian company is constantly striving to grow their offers. Following the first store in Passau in 2009, mymuesli is constantly expanding it's stationary appearance. With the store openings in Berlin and Nuernberg, mymuesli is now present in 13 German cities. Mymuesli is just always one step ahead - as well when it comes to innovative Marketing.