Mobile Solutions

Benefit from our attentive mobile ad formats.
Extend your campaign onto the medium that's the closest to your customers - their mobile phone.
Mobile Marketing by Media Services reaches customers outside the classic channels and closes the existing gap within Marketing Mixes. As a team we develop creative, intelligent solutions that serve as a perfect addition to classic media regarding goal attainment. Download our product brochure for further details: Mobile Solutions from Media Services
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Mobile Marketing by Telefónica Media Services means:
-Recommendation marketing side by side with a strong partner.
-Easy, safe and fast: A strict data protection policy and active opt-in procedures create the pillars of our communication
-Dialogue and interaction instead of one-way communication
-Targeted and personalized campaigns
-Diverse, innovative ad-possibilities
-Boost your campaign reach by implementing mass-medium mobile
Contact us today for any information on our product portfolio. Our Sales Team is happy to explain what´s possible and how you can create your own perfect mobile campaign together with Media Services.
By the way: With our second brand netzclub we offer customers the first ad-funded smartphone tariff, and advertisers an interesting and extremely advertising-affine target group.
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