Location Based Messaging

The next level of digital marketing: Relevant offers at the right time, at the right place, directly into your customers hands. O2 More Local, the first location –based messaging service in Germany.
Get attractive offers from your favorite café or a fashion store directly onto your mobile when on a shopping trip in the city.

With O2 More Local, customers can sign up for free to get attractive offers just when they are in the right place to redeem them. Partners have the chance to address their relevant target group just when they are within close proximity to one of their stores by using the world’s most personal medium: the mobile phone.
How does the system work?
What about data protection with O2 More Local?
What do customers need to do or have to take advantage of the service?

Promote ice-cream at 25 degrees. Offer customers an umbrella when it is actually raining. Or advertise charcoal during a perfect summer day.

To ensure that your campaigns reach potential customers just when your products are highly relevant to them, we added an innovative weather targeting to our O2 More Local Service. Get in touch with our team and learn what is possible and how it works.