Algorithm for the best network experience:

Telefónica Deutschland to apply innovative data analysis for efficient network expansion

Telefónica Deutschland will from now on apply innovative methods of data analysis for its network planning. Telefónica has developed an algorithm that aligns in particular the expansion of the LTE network to meet the customers’ actual needs. This new algorithm for the best network experience allows for an optimum management of investments and targeted improvements of customers’ experience. One of the first areas for which Telefónica will be translating the analysis of large amounts of data into new solutions will be the network planning.

“By applying Advanced Data Analytics we are setting standards for a modern planning of network expansion. As promised, we are consistently making use of the opportunities of digitalization for our customers’ benefit and are taking another important step on our path towards becoming Germany’s leading digital telecommunication company,” says Thorsten Dirks, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland.

Optimum capacity planning for each region

With the new algorithm the data specialists at Telefónica Deutschland can anticipate the use of mobile speech and data services even for the smallest rural areas. In addition to the traditional overall expansion, thanks to the new method, the network expansion can be planned in a manner that creates additional capacities in those areas where the customers’ demand is at its highest. In particular with regard to the LTE high-speed network, the ideal capacity planning is crucial for customers’ network experience and for effectively applying investments. For Telefónica’s new method of data analysis, the prognosis formula takes into account up to 150 different criteria, for instance population density, average age, number of phone calls per month or competitors’ network expansion. The algorithm also draws upon anonymized and statistically edited data from the Telefónica network.

Integration of the O2 and E-Plus networks has started

In 2015, Telefónica Deutschland started the nationwide merger of the UMTS and GSM networks of O2 and E-Plus. In doing so the company is driving forward a central project on its way to becoming the leading digital telco. By the end of 2016, Telefónica plans for its new integrated mobile network to reach already around 60 percent of the population. At the same time, the company is expanding its LTE network and is planning to enable a joint LTE usage by mid-2016. This way, customers will benefit from an even better network coverage, which combines the strength of the O2 network with regard to LTE with the strength of E-Plus in UMTS. Further information on the network is available on Telefónica Deutschland’s network page