New fixed-line offering at CeBIT 2016:

O2 All-IP for business customers

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Telefónica Deutschland has just presented its new fixed-line offering for business customers at CeBIT. O2 All-IP equips companies with everything they need from one source: The telephone system, internet access and telephone connection are all provided by the same supplier and paid for through a combined monthly bill. This simplifies the installation and administration and helps make the work of companies more efficient.

Telefónica has set itself the aim of becoming the leading digital telecommunication company in Germany. Thanks to its modern network as well as appealing products and services, customers can benefit from the opportunities of globalization in the best possible manner. In addition, both private and business customers can draw from best value for money. For this reason, O2 All-IP offers a modular system for all the fixed-line services that companies need.

O2 All-IP:Personal assistance for customized offerings

For instance, with O2 All-IP, customers whose running ISDN infrastructure has been terminated by their supplier will find the optimum solution for their fixed line of the future. After all, with O2 they can decide for themselves how to shape their own path towards the future and at what point they want the transition to happen. With O2 All-IP, companies receive a powerful fixed-line connection, which they can flexibly add services to whenever they need them and according to their individual demands. At the same time, in most cases their previous connection can remain unchanged, which makes servicing by technicians unnecessary and avoids temporary outages.

The new offering includes four services, which can be combined as desired: Voice ISDN is recommended for customers who want to continue using their existing ISDN telephone system in combination with the future-proof connection of O2 All-IP. With Voice SIP, companies can run their own modern SIP telephone system at their location, while Digital Phone provides them with a state-of-the-art cloud solution through German data centres. In addition, the service Internet provides the optimum internet access for any size of company and meets the individual requirements of all kinds of business customers. A special service is available to help customers find the best-suited combination of products and tariffs: In a personal consultation, the business customer sales division at Telefónica Deutschland analyses the precise requirements and creates specific offers customized to the company’s needs. This also enables companies, for instance, to choose separate billing models for each individual location. This is a rare extent of flexibility. O2 All-IP is the individual fixed-line solution for business customers that ensures companies never pay for more than they need.

Flexible choice:Three different tariff models for any location

This is made possible thanks to the free choice of tariff models: In the Pooling model, companies purchase attractive packs of data and minutes that are suited exactly to their needs and which can be used collectively from separate locations. At the end of the month, units that have not been used up are transferred to the next month. Fair Use is a tariff that includes a very high monthly volume, for instance 1,000 gigabytes for data at any location, which matches the requirements of most companies. If, however, this amount is exceeded, the billing automatically switches to the Standard Billing method for the rest of the month. This is the third tariff option, which bills O2 All-IP exactly according to the minutes and gigabytes that have been consumed. This is recommended in particular for users whose consumption varies strongly – or for calls to countries with very low call rates. A particularly practical aspect of O2 All-IP is that it allows free scalability for any imaginable size of location. Telefónica Deutschland can offer any measure from just one to 120 speech channels, while companies can use the matching connection also for their internet access. No additional line is required. Thanks to its flexible and customizable offers, O2 All-IP is the optimum solution for all the requirements of modern companies. It keeps them perfectly equipped for the next-generation fixed line. Further information can be found at CeBIT: at Campus Mittelstand in Hall 5 at stand D36 of Telefónica Deutschland’s business customer section.

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