30. November 2021

Connect confirms "very good" network quality:

O2 network achieves best result in the company's history

The O2 network has achieved the best result in the history of Telefónica / O2 in the renowned connect network test. The trade magazine again awarded the O2 network the grade "very good" this year for the second time.
04. November 2021

Experience more emotion and be closer to the action with the latest 5G technology:

Handball top match SG Flensburg Handewitt vs. Füchse Berlin with Sky and O2 also as a 5G live stream

In cooperation with O2, Sky Sport will also present the top match in the german Liqui Moly Handball premier league between the SG Flensburg-Handewitt and Füchse Berlin on 10 November via O2 high-end 5G network. Thanks to flexible professional and Samsung smartphone cameras, the match will be followed up close on O2 super-fast 5G network and broadcast live on the Internet, among other things. In addition to the classic TV broadcast, the match will be available to all fans via stream on and the Sky Sport YouTube channel.
27. Oktober 2021

SMARTPHONE magazine network test:

O2 network jumps to second place and receives "very good" rating

In SMARTPHONE magazine's major mobile network test, the O2 network secured the grade "very good" for the first time this year. Due to the latest expansion successes and enormous increase in network quality, the O2 network also moves up to second place among the best German mobile network providers. The O2 network impressed in the test with strong performance in cities.
26. Oktober 2021

One antenna, all technologies:

O2 uses new "all in one" antenna for 5G network

For the first time, O2 is using an innovative "all in one" mobile communications antenna in its 5G network that supports all frequency bands and mobile communications standards. Currently, for example, network operators have to install additional 5G antennas to existing antenna systems on rooftops and cell towers for the 5G network rollout on 3.6 GHz. The new "all-in-one" antennas significantly simplify such upgrades and conversions of mobile network sites. They also reduce the space required as well as the overall weight of the setups and cut operating costs by around 30 percent.
05. Oktober 2021

Focus on "pure 5G" over 3.6 GHz frequency Fast O2 network expansion:

50 per cent 5G coverage by the end of 2022

One year after the 5G launch, Telefónica Deutschland / O2 confirms its expansion plans for the latest mobile communications standard: the O2 network will cover over 50 percent of the German population with 5G by the end of 2022. The company is also on track for the end of 2021 and continues to target coverage of over 30 percent. The basis for this is the high investment programme with a volume of around four billion euros until the end of 2022. In the expansion of the new mobile technology, the focus is on so-called "pure 5G" via the most powerful 3.6 GHz frequency. The 3,000th 3.6 GHz antenna just went live in the O2 5G network. Meanwhile, Telefónica Deutschland / O2 is installing around 180 of these 5G antennas in the network every week, tendency further increasing. The company is expanding 5G twice as fast overall compared to 4G and is fully on track to supply all of Germany with 5G by the end of 2025.
23. September 2021

Telefónica Tech and Alias Robotics:

Launch of the world's first cyber security for robots laboratory in Munich

Today, Telefónica Tech and Alias Robotics, a company specialising in cyber security for robots, have inaugurated the world's first laboratory dedicated exclusively to innovation in cyber security for robots, at the Wayra Innovation Hub in Munich.
22. September 2021

Voice over New Radio (VoNR):

O2 succeeds in making Germany's first voice call on the 5G live network

O2 has become the first German mobile network operator to successfully make a voice call purely over its 5G Live network. The technological innovation Voice over New Radio (VoNR) makes voice telephony in the 5G network possible in the first place. To date, voice calls in all German mobile networks still run via predecessor technologies.
14. September 2021

Jointly developing AI-driven, automated use cases:

Telefónica and NEC to build Open RAN live pilots in 4 global markets as a key milestone toward mass deployment

Telefónica and NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today that they have entered an agreement to conduct Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) pre-commercial trials in Telefonica’s four core global markets: Spain, Germany, the UK and Brazil.
08. September 2021

Mobility of the future:

O2 controls racing vehicles at IAA in real time via 5G network

World premiere in Munich: On the occasion of the IAA Mobility, Telefónica Deutschland/O2 demonstrates the possibilities that 5G technology has to offer for the future of mobility as part of the "O2 5G Race Days". Via the public O2 5G network, anyone of interest will be able to control racing cars in real time over a racetrack – anywhere across the world and from wherever 5G is available. A 60 meter race track, 6 model cars, 6 Samsung smartphones and a powerful 5G network - for their demonstration, O2 has set up the race track in the 5G Tech Lab of its Innovation Hub Wayra in the heart of Munich. There, model racers of the startup VROMBR will be controlled via the 5G network for the first time worldwide. Due to its superior technical properties - particularly the exceptionally short response times of currently already 10 to 20 milliseconds - the 5G mobile communications standard makes it possible for control commands to be transmitted from smartphone to automobile in real time.
03. September 2021

Opensignal report on German 5G mobile networks:

O2 offers fastest 5G network in Germany

Mobile analytics company Opensignal awards O2's network as the fastest 5G network in Germany in terms of the download speed category. According to the latest industry report on the quality of 5G mobile networks in Germany, O2 customers experienced significantly faster download speeds than customers in the 5G networks of competitors, with an average of 131.4 Mbit/s.
26. August 2021

For an improved 4G network:

O2 accelerates 3G switchoff in many regions

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 is accelerating the shutdown of its 3G network in various regions of Germany. Instead of the originally planned implementation by the end of the year, the company will now convert the majority of 3G sites as early as September and carry out the last large-scale shutdowns by mid-November. The company began shutting down the 3G network in individual regions on July 1.
05. August 2021

Powerful 5G:

Telefónica / O2 brings 5G to Munich exhibition grounds for IAA

As a partner of Messe München, Telefónica Deutschland / O2 is setting up comprehensive 5G high-performance mobile communications coverage at the trade fair grounds and for the adjacent A94 motorway. Just in time for the IAA MOBILITY from 7-12 September in Munich, the trade fair in the Bavarian capital is thus also launching into the 5G era.
30. Juli 2021

Innovative radio cell:

O2 and Mainova turn Frankfurter street light into a 5G HotSpot

Telefónica Deutschland / O2, in cooperation with the energy provider Mainova, has put Hesse's first smart 5G street light into operation in Frankfurt am Main.
05. Juli 2021

Data record through rapid 4G/5G expansion:

O2 network handles 1 billion gigabytes for the first time in just 6 months

The rapid network expansion of Telefónica Deutschland / O2 is making itself felt in a significantly better network quality and thus also in a strong increase in data usage by customers. The company's approximately 44 million customers are sending more and more mobile data through the nationwide O2 mobile network. This is mainly due to the increasing popularity of music and video streaming as well as sharing photos and videos on social media or via messaging apps such as WhatsApp. In the past six months alone, the O2 network transported around 1 billion gigabytes of data volume - an all-time high in Germany's mobile networks. This means that data usage in the O2 network has doubled in a period of only two years.
02. Juli 2021

Live interview via 5G on network expansion offensive:

O2 5G network with 2,000 5G antennas at 3.6 GHz in 80 cities

O2 has started the 5G expansion turbo: In the O2 5G network, almost 2,000 5G antennas in around 80 cities are already transmitting on the high-performance 3.6 GHz frequency specially designated for 5G. O2 customers thus receive higher speeds, additional network capacities and thus an optimal network experience overall. Telefónica Deutschland CEO Markus Haas talked about the current progress of the network expansion offensive and the benefits of 5G for consumers and the economy on the occasion of a "5G theme day" with the news channel ntv (ntv Telebörse on July 2, 9 a.m.). The special feature: For the first time, the interview was broadcasted in real time to the ntv studio via O2's own 5G network in Munich.
28. Juni 2021

Virtual reality gaming in the new mobile network:

Telefónica / O2 starts the future of mobile gaming via 5G

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 starts the future of mobile gaming: for the first time, the provider has brought modern virtual reality (VR) games to life via its new O2 5G standalone live mobile network. During the premiere in Munich, O2 showed the game Half Life Alyx, which was named VR Game of the Year 2020 several times. Here, O2 is working with its partners Ericsson and NVIDIA. Compared to normal computer games, which are shown on a monitor or smartphone display, virtual reality gaming uses VR glasses to immerse players in an interactive 3D environment in which they can look around and move freely. Mobile virtual reality gaming is therefore considered a very demanding digital application that requires extremely short latencies, fast data throughput rates, and very high reliability, which de facto only 5G Standalone can offer in mobile communications. This is the final expansion stage of the mobile communications standard, in which 5G operates completely decoupled from the existing 4G standard.
21. Juni 2021

More 5G Mobile Tariffs:

O2 Goes on The Offensive With 5G

The O2 brand is expanding the range of its 5G-capable mobile tariffs. From July 6, all new and existing customers will be able to use the latest mobile communications standard with any of the O2 Free Unlimited tariffs or a volume tariff from the O2 Free M onwards. This means that 5G tariffs are available from O2 from €29.99 per month. When taking out a new contract for one of these tariffs, 5G will automatically be included for O2 customers, existing customers can book the free "5G access" package1.
11. Juni 2021

Milestone in 5G network rollout:

Telefónica / O2 puts 1,500th 5G antenna on 3.6 GHz live into the network

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 put its 1,500th 5G antenna into operation in the O2 network. The company has thus achieved an important intermediate step in its ambitious 5G network expansion program. All 1,500 5G antennas in the O2 network transmit over the powerful 3.6 GHz frequency, which already offers O2 customers in 60 cities particularly high data transmission rates, extremely short response times and thus an optimal network experience. Exactly two years ago, the telecommunications provider purchased the frequencies at auction from the German Federal Network Agency. Now Telefónica Deutschland / O2 is expanding its network across Germany with these frequencies on a prioritized basis. This year, the company will further accelerate its 5G rollout and provide more and more cities and regions with 5G.
07. Juni 2021

Goodbye 3G - hello improved O2 4G network:

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 starts nationwide switch-off of 3G network

Starting 1 July, Telefónica Deutschland / O2 will begin the large-scale shutdown of its 3G network. The resources previously required for 3G will make way for the significantly more powerful 4G network by the end of the year. To this end, the telecommunications provider will use the frequencies of the currently around 16,000 3G transmitters on 2,100 MHz for 4G in the future. O2 customers as well as customers of Telefónica Deutschland's other own and partner brands will thus benefit from an even better network experience. Compared to 3G, 4G offers customers additional network capacities, higher surfing speeds and significantly shorter response times for mobile data usage. For all O2 customers still using a device limited to 3G, O2 is providing attractive offers for new devices.
22. Mai 2021


Telefónica Deutschland and 1&1 Drillisch signed National Roaming Agreement

Telefónica Deutschland and 1&1 Drillisch have agreed upon the long-term stipulations of their future cooperation in a National Roaming Agreement (NRA) and signed a corresponding contract on 21 May 2021. With the conclusion of the NRA and as part of the overall agreement, the remaining ongoing price reviews initiated by 1&1 Drillisch will no longer be pursued.
07. Mai 2021

Nearly double 5G speed on the O2 network thanks to frequency bundling:

Telefónica / O2 widens the 5G data highway

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 was the first network operator in Germany to bundle several mobile frequencies in its 5G network at the innovation site in Munich back in April. This accelerates 5G for O2 customers and ensures a stable high data throughput. With the combination of two frequency bands, the 5G data highway between the customer and the mobile communications system thus gets about twice as many lanes as before.
29. März 2021

5G for 30 percent of the population in 2021 - 5G standalone in preparation:

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 launches 5G expansion turbo

Telefónica Deutschland / O2 is continuing its own network expansion offensive in 2021 - with a much stronger focus on 5G and the technological transformation of the network. Following the largest 4G network expansion program in the company's history with over 11,000 new 4G transmitters in the previous year, O2 is now igniting the 5G expansion turbo. In addition, as a pioneer, O2 is focusing on technological innovations such as 5G carrier aggregation, 5G standalone, Open RAN and exciting 5G industry solutions via the cloud this year.
24. März 2021

5G standalone network for startups:

Telefónica / O2 and Wayra Germany open 5G Tech Lab in Munich

Wayra Germany, the Innovation Hub of Telefónica / O2, opens up access to state-of-the-art technology for startups to develop new 5G-based applications with its unique 5G Tech Lab | Telefónica / O2 has built the first 5G standalone network in Munich for this purpose | 5G network uses 3.7 GHz frequencies with 100 MHz bandwidth, which Telefónica / O2 acquired from the Federal Network Agency for the operation of a local campus network | Kick-off for startups: Unmanned Life, Eyecandylab, Haltian and YBVR present 5G applications such as mobile gaming, augmented reality and autonomous drones
15. Februar 2021

National Roaming:

Telefónica Deutschland establishes long-term national roaming partnership with 1&1 Drillisch

Today, 1&1 Drillisch has bindingly accepted Telefónica Deutschland's National Roaming offer dated 5 February 2021. The companies are extending their long-term partnership by converting the current MBA MVNO contract into a National Roaming Agreement (NRA) under the remedy framework from the Telefónica Deutschland and E-Plus merger in 2014. Now, the parties are aiming to finalise the contractual details of the NRA by mid-May 2021.
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