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04. Februar 2020

Ideal in combination with O2 TV and Amazon Music Unlimited:

New O2 Free Unlimited tariffs now available

As of today, the new O2 Free Unlimited tariffs and the revised O2 Free S, M and L tariffs are available for new and existing customers.1)2)
04. Februar 2020

Construction of an energy-efficient 5G network:

Telefónica Deutschland receives EUR 450 million EIB loan

Telefónica Deutschland has secured a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) amounting to 450 million euros. The company intends to use the proceeds to build an energy-efficient 5G network and to upgrade its LTE network. In December, Telefónica Deutschland announced that it would significantly increase its investment in the mobile network in 2020 and 2021.
03. Februar 2020

New 5G research and development site in Malaga:

Telefónica and DEKRA open Europe's most modern test centre for networked driving

The mobility of the future is becoming tangible: The telecommunications provider Telefónica, together with the German testing company DEKRA, has inaugurated a new test centre for networked and autonomous driving in Malaga, Spain. On the premises, the companies are testing modern 5G solutions and "Vehicle to Everything" (V2X) vehicle technologies together with other cooperation partners from the automotive and technology sector.
30. Januar 2020

New O2 tariffs for self-employed people:

5G, double data volume and improved service

In the past twelve months, customers sent almost 1 billion gigabytes of data volume through the O2 mobile network - also because self-employed people and small businesses are using more and more mobile data. This shows that the O2 tariffs with their large data volumes at attractive prices meet the needs of customers. For private customers, O2 will, as just announced, equip the new data tariffs with twice as much performance at the same price and offer three new unlimited tariffs.
29. Januar 2020

Endless feast for the ears:

Amazon Music for O2 customers

O2 is the first network operator in Germany to offer its customers selected services from Amazon. As of 4 February 2020, new and existing customers alike will be able to enjoy Amazon Music Unlimited: O2 customers will receive unlimited access to more than 50 million songs, popular radio plays, can follow all Bundesliga matches live via audio and download their favourite songs at an attractive price and thus use them on the move without an internet connection.(1)
23. Januar 2020

German mobile communications enters the Exabyte era:

O2 network handles around 1 billion gigabytes of data

The O2 network establishes the Exabyte era in German mobile communications: In the past twelve months, customers sent almost 1 billion gigabytes of data volume through the O2 mobile network. This corresponds to about one Exabyte of mobile data. Never before has so much been consumed. With this data volume, you could stream music for more than 1.5 million years at a stretch. In a competitive comparison, the O2 network is therefore at the forefront when it comes to mobile data usage in Germany.
21. Januar 2020

Unlimited meets individualization:

O2 rethinks mobile communications

At the start of the new decade, O2 is defining mobile telephony completely differently and is offering maximum personal freedom in an increasingly digital world: As the first network operator on the German market, O2 is placing three unlimited tariffs at the centre of its offer from 4 February.
16. Januar 2020

CTS Eventim and O2:

Large and multi-year partnership in the field of live entertainment

CTS EVENTIM, one of the leading international ticketing and live entertainment providers, and O2, the core brand of Telefónica Germany, today announced their partnership in the live entertainment sector. O2 customers will benefit from exclusive pre-sales, free streaming and exclusive brand experiences at EVENTIM events all year round.
16. Januar 2020

More transparency and fairness:

O2 Business revolutionises mobile communications for business customers

O2 Business revolutionises mobile communications for business customers | O2 Business convinces with outstanding value for money, excellent customer service and a convincing network | New online tariff calculator for absolute transparency and fairness
02. Januar 2020

New Year's Eve 2019/2020:

New record values on New Year's Eve herald decade of mobile communications

The decade of mobile communications is starting with new records and an outstanding firework of data. On New Year's Eve 2019/20, customers in the O2 network consumed more data than ever before. In the first hour of the new year (0-1 o'clock) alone, around 190,000 GB of data flowed through the O2 mobile network - a new record!
18. Dezember 2019

Telefónica Deutschland signs Sustainability-Linked Loan

Telefónica Deutschland concluded a so-called "Sustainability-Linked Loan" in the amount of 750 million euros via its subsidiary Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG. The interest margin is linked, among other things, to the fulfillment of ESG criteria (ESG = Environment, Social and Governance) in the areas of environmental and climate protection, social commitment and corporate management.
11. Dezember 2019

Telefónica Deutschland to invest several billion euros into its mobile network by 2022:

Additional CapEx heralds growth phase and start of 5G era

Telefónica Deutschland plans to accelerate its growth significantly in the coming years. Between 2020 and 2022, the company intends to increase its revenue by at least 5 percent overall while further increasing its profitability. As a basis for growth, an additional several hundred million euros are to be invested in network expansion.
11. Dezember 2019

5G in healthcare:

Digital Health - when data can save lives

Today we wear fitness trackers that are connected to our cell phones via Bluetooth. Via app we synchronize these trackers or Smartwatch with the cell phone in order to look at and evaluate the data in detail. All of this is normal nowadays. However, the new mobile phone standard 5G will turn many things upside down and open up numerous new possibilities for consumers. What is commonly called "disruptive" will also be seen in the health sector.
11. Dezember 2019

Benefits for private users and society:

5G is much more than smooth mobile gaming

With 5G, users can play mobile games faster - but is that all? 5G offers enormous advantages for everyone - for industry and society as well as for the individual. From social networking to smartphone use, 5G will fundamentally change many areas. This will benefit the customer as a part of society and as an individual in two ways.
11. Dezember 2019

This is how 5G gets to the radio mast:

Glass fiber and directional radio provide for fast 5G expansion

A mobile phone mast forms the final node that makes the 5G network available where it is needed - at the customer's premises. So far, so understandable. But how does the network actually get to the mast?
11. Dezember 2019

Pioneer for the new mobile communications standard:

LTE remains the backbone of the network infrastructure in the 5G age

At the latest since the frequencies required for 5G came under the hammer in the frequency auction in June 2019, 5G has been making the headlines again and again and causing many political debates about the great opportunities for the economy and society.
03. Dezember 2019

"Good" rating in all German network tests for the first time:

O2 network achieves breakthrough in network quality

This never happened before: In all three major German network tests, the O2 network has achieved the grade "good". In the tests of the specialist magazines connect, CHIP and COMPUTER BILD, the network made the biggest leap forward across all providers in terms of network quality.
14. November 2019

More LTE, higher speeds and more stable connections:

O2 customers benefit from LTE network expansion

Telefónica Deutschland is implementing the largest LTE expansion program in the company's history. The company consistently pushed ahead with the expansion of the O2 LTE network in October and put more than 550 new LTE transmitters into operation. This has improved broadband coverage and LTE capacities in all 16 federal states.
11. November 2019

Price-performance winner at Smartphone Magazine network test:

O2 network awarded with "good" rating

In the current network test of Smartphone Magazine, the O2 network was awarded with a "good" rating. With 310 points, O2 is at eye level with the runner-up in the overall ranking (312 points). Among other things, the O2 network scored with the best network coverage in Germany (99.96 percent) and strong results in YouTube streaming or ping times.
04. November 2019

Preliminary figures for the first nine months 2019:

Telefónica Deutschland invests, posts stronger growth and exceeds 50 million accesses served

In the first nine months of the year, Telefónica Deutschland has set a high pace both in mobile and fixed communications segments. By the end of September, the company had gained almost one million net mobile subscribers.
30. Oktober 2019

Up to 1GBit/s – Highspeed Internet from O2 for even more households:

Telefónica Deutschland and Tele Columbus cooperate on cable & fiber connections

Telefónica Deutschland will be able to offer even more customers highspeed Internet via fixed network in future via its core brand O2. The Munich-based company is working closely with Tele Columbus to achieve this: As part of a cooperation agreement, Telefónica Deutschland will receive long-term access to the provider's cable and fiber networks.
23. Oktober 2019

Telefónica Germany extends Management Board contracts

The Supervisory Board of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG has resolved upon the extension of the contracts of the following five Management Board members by a further three years until July 2023.
01. Oktober 2019

Telefónica Germany:

Stronger than ever five years after the acquisition of E-Plus

On the fifth anniversary of the acquisition of E-Plus, Telefónica Deutschland is stronger than ever before. The merger of the two providers in 2014 created Germany's largest mobile communications provider: With over 45 million connections, no other company connects more people to mobile communications in Germany. And Telefónica Deutschland has realized synergies in the billions over the past five years. This benefits the company's shareholders, but above all its customers - because Telefónica Deutschland has significantly increased its ability to innovate, its investment power and the quality of its offerings.
24. September 2019

Individual combination of mobile telephony and smartphone:

O2 You heralds the end of rigid contract terms

Low or high smartphone deposit? Six or 36 monthly mobile phone payments? A few gigabytes or unlimited high-speed data volume? From 8 October, O2 customers will have their contract terms in their own hands: with O2 You, they can put together their own personal combination of mobile phone and smartphone.1) What's special: The mobile tariff can be cancelled at any time. And the end device can be paid off flexibly.
06. September 2019

Additional national LTE expansion:

Network operators agree on national mobile network pact

With today's signing of the national mobile network pact, another important step has been taken jointly by politicians and network operators to advance Germany's digital transformation. In the summer of 2018, the federal government, local authorities and network operators signed a declaration of intent on how the LTE expansion in Germany can be driven forward. Telefónica Deutschland is firmly convinced that the digitization of Europe's largest economy can only succeed with the close cooperation of all parties involved.
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