Telefónica booth D49 in hall 12

Key Facts Surface area: around 400 sqm Applied material: Wood, carpets, trees in the centre of the market square Urban catering with drinks at the bar Design: LABORWELTENBAU – Elmar Gauggel, freelance architect Partner for concept and realization: trend factory marketing und veranstaltungs GmbH, Rottweil Construction: Holtmann, Hannover
Elements and themes
-Telefónica stage with expansive programme of speakers
-Areas of 20-30 sq m for: Telefónica B2B, Telefónica NEXT and O2 Banking/Wayra as well as a network showcase
-Large lounge area with bar
Basic idea Telefónica Deutschland returned to CeBIT for the first time in ten years, presenting a large stand of 400 square meters. Under the motto “#DesigningDigitalLives” the departments of the OnLife Telco presented different topics, solutions and products for a digital life. The design of the stand in hall 12 was intended to visualize the symbiosis between real life and the digital world. The idea is that visitors to the stand get the feeling of how, in a connected world, all things are interrelated. The lines at the stand depict both the interrelation between each topic and element of the stand as well as the digital connectedness of the world. The market square, where visitors met for gettogethers, was designed to be particularly inviting and true to life as a place to make them feel comfortable.
Setup The stand was not constructed as a typical run-of-the-mill trade show stand. The stand had its own identity. The idea is for digitization to feel not like a spaceship, but like every-day life: With trees on the market square and plenty of wood and carpet used for its construction.
Elements Circling around the market square, the stand was divided up into the three departments B2B, Telefónica NEXT and O2 Banking/Wayra. Next to this, a large stage for a programme of speakers formed a fourth element. In addition, the stand comprised meeting rooms, a network area and a reception desk, where O2 Gurus and human resources employers welcomed the guests.
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