Telefónica NEXT at the CeBIT fair

In the newly-founded Telefónica NEXT GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, Telefónica Deutschland combines its digital growth areas ‘Advanced Data Analytics’ and ‘Internet of Things’. The new company operates on the market independently and as an enterprise, developing digital products and services under the leadership of CEO Nicolaus Gollwitzer. As a partner of economics, Telefónica NEXT offers solutions to other companies, helping them benefit from the growth opportunities of digitization. With its ‘Advanced Data Analytics’ Telefónica NEXT focuses on the social and economic benefits that can be gained from the analysis of large amounts of data. Furthermore, Telefónica NEXT works to develop solutions for the ‘Internet of Things’. The new software platform helps companies offer connected solutions for consumers. With every product and application Telefónica NEXT adheres to strict data protection regulations and often goes beyond official requirements. For people should maintain sovereignty over their own data and shape their lives as sovereigns. Telefónica Deutschland in hall 12: Programme on stage Download now: Press Kit (55 MB) in English including all Telefónica NEXT showcases

Geeny platform connects everyday products easily to the Internet of Things

The cloud-based software platform from Telefónica NEXT paves the way for product manufacturers and companies in the consumer goods industry to access the internet of things fast and easily. Geeny not only connects smart items but also services, devices and – above all – its users. Geeny helps companies focus on what they do best: create and market consumer products which can now be ‘smart’ too. With its software platform and the partner ecosystem, Geeny ensures that products are developed fast and cost-efficiently, as Geeny offers ready-made service modules, such as intelligent GPS algorithms. Once programmed, internet of things solutions for various products can be used again and again – by large companies with mature products as well as by small start-ups. Geeny is technologically independent and supports a variety of different connection standards for IoT devices. Geeny distinguishes devices from applications and data. This allows completely different apps and devices – even from different manufacturers – to be connected through Geeny, and thus enable completely new services for end customers. In all these applications, both during the development of Geeny as well as in its operation, Telefónica always makes it a priority that customers and users maintain sovereignty over their data and that strict data protection regulations are adhered to. For this reason, users of Geeny are given the possibility to manage their personal data themselves and to decide for themselves with whom they want to share it. In addition, personal data can be transferred more easily when changing to a new device or manufacturer. Further web links: Telefónica NEXT online: Content Hub: Software platform