Telefónica Germany

Telefónica Germany is expanding its range of M2M products with a new suite of solutions for vehicle fleet management.
Telefónica partners with Futura Networks to bring 'biggest ever' Campus Party to Berlin | 10,000 'campuseros' unite to rewrite the future of the European web | Berlin's historic Tempelhof Airport named as venue for Europe's brightest young tech talent
Telefónica Germany provides companies that have intensive contact with customers by telephone with a powerful call center solution.
Telefónica Germany is making a new platform available that companies can use to develop, manage and market their own mobile apps.
Soon, business customers of Telefónica Germany will no longer need to have two mobile phones to keep their private and work communication separate.
Telefónica Germany is providing its business customers with a new platform for mobile communication from machine to machine (M2M).
Telefónica Germany is protecting its business customers against viruses and phishing attacks with a new kind of solution.
Over 280 employees and managers from Telefónica Germany put their knowledge to good use helping young people with their projects.
And now the business customer division of Telefónica Germany is bringing the new generation of mobile offers to cities and mobile devices.
Telefónica Germany has a new combo offer for the self-employed, freelancers and small companies if they cleverly combine fixed-line and mobile telephony.
Following the launch of Alice Home & Go, the Internet flat rate for the home and on the move, in January, Telefónica Germany presented a new offer at the Mobile World Congress 2012 that cleverly combines fixed-line and mobile telephony.
Telefónica Germany presents its extension plan for LTE at the Mobile World Congress. Beginning 2 July 2012, O2 will start with tariff offers for tablets, surf sticks, netbooks and smartphones.
Telefónica Germany presented the "Wikipedia O2 App" at the Mobile World Congress.
As of 1 March O2 customers can take advantage of Touch&Travel using a smartphone app.
77.3 percent more new contract customers | Data revenue up 49 percent | 5.7 percent growth in mobile revenue
Telefónica Germany is currently expanding its product range for machine-to-machine (M2M) data communication: Starting 15th February all business clients have the option of opting for the new tariff O2 Data M2M Flat.
Protection against misuse of personal data | Reimbursement in the event of damage due to online fraud Replacement of hardware in the event of damage or theft
Starting immediately, Telefónica Germany is now also offering a special smartphone tariff for prepaid.
Telefónica Germany congratulates the winners of the enable2start business start-up competition. The young entrepreneurs at Munich Composites, DerGugl, ergobag, orderbird and Qmilch are not only glad to receive seed funding of 50,000 Euros for each firm. This year the long-term sponsor Telefónica Germany is topping that up.
Supporting young people’s good ideas and encouraging their own initiatives are once again the objectives of the Think Big programme run by Telefónica Germany and the German Children and Youth Foundation (DKJS) for 2012.
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