Telefónica Germany

More than 1.68 million new customers in 2010 | Operative group revenue rises organically by 7.9 percent compared to previous year | Turnaround achieved in DSL business of HanseNet
Telefónica O2 Germany introduces music to laptops, tablets and smartphones
During an event at the Mobile World Congress, Telefónica O2 Germany announced its next steps towards the launch of the new LTE technology today, as well as its technology partners for network rollout
Eleven megabytes for the price of one. The offer is valid until March 15th, 2011, inclusively.
Telefónica O2 Germany, Telekom Deutschland and Vodafone have added another function to the mobile payment system mpass
New company name, Telefónica Germany | O2 product brand for private and business customers
Starting in the summer of 2011, Telefónica O2 Germany will be offering the developer platform BlueVia. O2 is also introducing two new apps: O2 Best Shop App and the O2 More App
The winners of the Business Founder competition sponsored by O2 Business have now been selected
When the electricity meter reader is due to visit, you often have to wait around for hours at home | Many electricity customers will soon be able to do away with this unnecessary waiting as their meters will be read automatically via the mobile network
Telefónica O2 Germany is responding to business customers ' increasing requirements for mobile Internet use
Telefónica O2 Germany is giving all business customers who sign up for the O2 on Business Upgrade or O2 on Business Upgrade with mobile phone a free surf stick for mobile Internet access
From 1 February 2011, Telefónica O2 Germany offers mobile business customers a new Internet flat rate
Telefónica O2 Germany has announced the launch of the Internet-Pack-Spezial to complement its Internet-Pack-L mobile data flat rate
"How is the networked world changing the lives and work prospects of young people?"
Telefónica O2 Germany and Samsung Electronics GmbH Deutschland are offering a new and practical payment function for the Samsung Apps shop
Free trial period starts | Commercial start of LTE in first half of 2011
Alice campaign spurs on business success in the DSL branch
From 9 December, the mobile text-based transcription service, VerbaVoice, will be available on mobile phones and tablet PCs with the Android operating system
Dr. Kristina Schröder visits Think Big's young radio makers
Friendly User Trials start in Munich, Ebersberg, Halle and Teutschenthal in December
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