Telefónica Germany

O2 asked: "Are young people sufficiently prepared for the digital future?" Join the discussion until 7 June.
Simple access: ICQ client for direct download | Internet-Pack-S: almost unlimited chatting for just 5 EUR a month
Media Competence Days in the O2 World on tour
Convenient and rapid surfing ensured by the Opera Mobile 9.5 browser | Elegant design with large touch screen
Operating result: +24 percent compared to the previous year | results for the first quarter 2009
Jaime Smith will join the parent company Telefónica S.A. | Rene Schuster new CEO of Telefónica O2 Germany
Renowned prize awarded just one week after the market launch | Editors of connect convinced by transparency, simplicity and customer-friendliness
Employees of Telefónica O2 Germany walked at least 3,000 extra steps per day over the past three weeks.
Mobile location in creative design
Munich, Cologne and Hamburg are the stations of the mobile event arena O2 World on tour 2009. In these three cities, O2 events within several categories are scheduled.
Internet-Pack-M: Mobile surfing flat rate for 10 Euros per month | O2 Internet Dayflat: Daily flat rate for prepaid customers at 3.50 Euros
Tariff for business customers: no monthly basic fee, no minimum sales volume, only three months minimum contract period. And: O2 cost airbag for calls in Germany and abroad
First Android Smartphone from Samsung including Google Services
They can be seen in many places, on the front page of newspapers, but also on house fronts: "Doodles". It is now time to disclose the originator of this marketing campaign: O2.
Flexibility: no basic fee, no fixed contract term - Transparency: 15 Cents for calls and SMS messages to all German networks - Cost guarantee: O2 cost airbag
- Slimmest Smartphone in the world with 4.1-inch display - Image-tuning technology from the Toshiba LCD-TV segment - Extremely easy operation thanks to newly developed interface
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