Telefónica Germany

Flat rate for all calls from the fixed network to the mobile phone and vice versa
The company chooses six different providers to test their respective LTE technologies in six countries including Germany.
Cableless Touchstone battery charger available for free with advance order
Palm Pre will initially be available exclusively from Telefónica O2 Germany.
O2 to issue 600 "can't buy" tickets to the MTV Europe Music Awards to be held at the O2 World in Berlin.
As the sponsor of this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) Telefónica O2 Germany is launching a campaign together with Sony Ericsson and MTV.
New Telefónica offices in 15 European countries
Report on the Media Competence Day in the O2 World on tour in Hamburg with about 300 young people from 14 to 16 years of age.
The new little strong ones: Acer Aspire One 751 and Asus EeePC 1005HGO available from O2
Germany`s largest frequency auction in the last ten years
14 O2 Shops in the capital are offering a new service since the beginning of September...
Obtain immediate information about new messages or contact enquiries | Free notification in the form of text messages
Media Competence Day in the O2 World on tour in Cologne with about 300 young people from 14 to 16 years of age.
Increases speed to up to 5.7 Mbit per second | Available almost everywhere in Germany from October 2009
Passengers register via their mobile phone at the stop, get on the train or bus and check out after arrival.
All O2 customers can now use mobile internet telephony services like Skype with the current internet packs from O2.
After Berlin and Munich, Telefónica O2 Germany now presents itself with a flagship store in Cologne, Hohe Straße 65.
Information for young people about the opportunities and risks of new media.
Automatic message reporting telephone costs via text message | Message when costs have reached 30 euros and when the O2 cost airbag is activated
OIBDA rose to € 432 million in the first half year 2009 | Revenue in first half year increased to € 1.78 billion (+1.9 percent year on year)
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