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Telefónica and BQ are supporting this Android-based operating system that offers a richer experience, a more customisable interface and higher levels of privacy and security | The two companies began collaborating with the launch of Aquaris M5 and plan to continue working together in the coming months
2015 OIBDA outlook updated to 15 to 20% y-o-y growth(1,2) | Broadly stable mobile service revenues expected / + 0.4%(1) in the first nine months | Proposal for cash dividend(3) of 0.24 Euro/share for the financial year 2015
Telefónica in Germany now offers payment of Apple Music, iTunes, App Store and iBooks Store purchases with mobile phone billing. Both O2 contract and prepaid customers can use the service to purchase apps, music, movies, TV shows, books, magazines and subscriptions to services including Apple Music. The service is now available for all customers in Germany.
Sixt Leasing AG and its subsidiary Sixt Mobility Consulting AG now offer a new M2M solution: The fully automatic Sixt driver’s log is based on the innovative plug-and-play solution by Telefónica and Geotab, with Telefónica in Germany acting as the general contractor and offering the hardware, service, as well as the necessary to mobile communication access from a single source.
On October 6th, Germany’s most important exhibition for IT security will open its gates in Nuremberg – and Telefónica will be part of the show. At it-sa, booth 0-641 in hall 12, the experts of information security will present the latest Telefónica solutions for securing IT systems: for example for continuous penetration testing or the detection of dangerous smartphone apps. Those are among the most progressive solutions on the market.
Telefónica Deutschland optimizes its portfolio of O2 Blue tariffs. Starting 1st October, O2 postpaid customers will benefit in particular from attractive conditions for phone calls to other countries and from easier roaming. Customers who choose the entry-level tariffs O2 Blue Basic and O2 Blue Smart will in addition benefit from a flat-rate for calls to the O2 and E-Plus network including all partner brands. The additionally available high-speed data volume as part of the data automatic will also be increased, so that customers will now be able to surf the web longer at consistent speed.
O2 today announced it will offer iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the most advanced iPhones ever, beginning Friday, September 25. iPhone 6s 16GB will be available starting at 19 Euros upfront plus 64,99 Euros per month (including service) with the O2 Blue All-in L tariff. iPhone 6s Plus 16GB will also be available in the same combination starting at 9 Euros upfront plus 69,99 Euros per month (including service). iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s will also be available. For additional pricing details, please visit: or O2 is already planning big events with entertainment and surprises at several shops to celebrate the launch of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. With its state-of-the-art LTE network, the company is optimally prepared for the new iPhones.
O2 is rebuilding its single tariffs for business customers to make them more flexible: Starting September 14th, users of O2 on Business S, M or L can temporarily increase their monthly data volume, if they need a greater amount for one quarter – without changing their actual tariff. In each tariff level, customers can choose between two different LTE Data Upgrade Packs with different data volumes. For O2 on Business S and M, this also increases the maximum download speed.
Everybody knows those annoying little nuisances of everyday mobile telephony and surfing: bad reception, slow download speeds or the many undiscovered functions as yet hidden in your new smartphone. O2 is all set to fight those “technology trolls,” helping customers get rid of them for good: The O2 Gurus, who have been part of O2’s service concept for some time now, are the company’s offer of support whenever expert knowledge is needed.
O2 DSL customers can now enjoy an even better digital experience at home: Starting September 1st, customers signing up for O2 DSL All-in M, L or XL tariffs with running time will receive a D-Link Smart Home HD Starter Kit on top. At no extra charge! The basic package includes everything customers need in order to gain first experience with smart home technology: an intelligent power outlet, motion sensor and surveillance camera.
New DSL customers can now enjoy an even better WiFi experience at home: Starting August 18th, customers signing up for an O2 DSL All-in L, XL or L Professional will receive not only high-speed VDSL but also a D-Link WiFi repeater. At no extra charge! With the D-Link DAP-1520 Wireless AC750 dual-band Range Extender, O2 customers can use their WiFi even in the most remote places within their home, simply by placing the repeater in the right location.
Starting August 18th, O2 on Business tariffs S and M will provide more data volume for usage inside Germany, and O2 on Business L and XL will include more volume for usage within Europe. Another novelty is the EU Roaming Flat option, which allows unlimited calls inside the European Union for business customers.
Strong 13.5% y-o-y(1) increase of OIBDA in the second quarter reflects early benefits from integration and ongoing focus on customer base development | Revenue growth of 2.1% y-o-y for the first six months 2015 leveraging momentum in the market and focus on mobile data monetisation | Tangible results for customers from 3G national roaming and LTE expansion
In perfect time for the summer holidays: Starting 1st August, O2 contract customers will be able to use the fast LTE network even when travelling abroad. The new LTE roaming will first be activated for popular holiday destinations such as Spain, France and the USA. Further countries will gradually follow suit over the course of the next months.
Agreement supports Telefónica Deutschland in the fast realisation of synergies from network integration | Telefónica Deutschland takes the next step to optimize customers network experience and accelerates LTE roll-out | Telekom customers to benefit from the additional power of the mobile network
New frequencies expand network capacity and permit even more powerful high-speed network through LTE | The acquired spectrum of 60 MHz continues to give Telefónica Deutschland a very comprehensive mobile phone spectrum allocation among Germanys network operators | CEO Thorsten Dirks: “We have acquired a valuable frequency package that enhances our overall spectrum position for our strategy of becoming the Leading Digital Telco in Germany.”
Telefónica Deutschland is harmonising the branding of its shops. In the future all shops will operate under the O2 brand. In the course of the migration, all BASE shops will be converted into O2 shops. The BASE brand will be marketed online.
Negotiations with works councils successfully completed | Agreement includes transfer of around 300 employees | Agreement gives Drillisch new access to shop-based sales via attractive locations | Reduction of overlaps in Telefónica Deutschland’s shop network after acquisition of E-Plus group
Another super-smartphone is being launched to the market, and again the O2 Gurus are presenting it on the first day of sales in a video review. The refined Sony Xperia Z3+ has just been introduced, and Telefónica will be the first in Germany to have it on offer. Pre-sales start mid-June at O2 and BASE.
Telefónica in Germany is adding to its selection of tablets. Starting next week, the iPad will be available at O2 and BASE in seven different hardware versions and in three colours. The popular Apple tablet will be on offer in the first stores and online starting 27th May. Customers can choose from all of the current key models: iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 as well as iPad mini and iPad Air.
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