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New business e-mail service from O2

MUNICH. Telefónica O2 Germany is now offering its business customers a complete communications solution based on Microsoft Exchange. One of the core features is mobile utilization, which enables new e-mails, contacts, activities and appointments to be transferred directly to smartphones without delay (direct push). The service will be hosted via the highly available data centers of O2 and is especially suitable for small and medium-sized companies. Customers who order the package with a 24-month subscription period by the end of December will receive a satisfaction guarantee with a 60-day cancellation right.
Each user has an unlimited transfer volume and can use the service with any e-mail address. If required, an appropriate Internet domain can also easily be booked on top. The inbox, which has a storage capacity of 500 M/bytes, is protected against spam and viruses by the latest security technology. Active Sync allows data to be "pushed" to the smartphones without delay, and the associated groupware functions facilitate cooperation within a company. What's more, numerous additional options can also be booked, including Blackberry Enterprise Hosting and audit-proof archiving in accordance with the principles of trade and taxation laws.
"With our new offer, high license and maintenance costs can be dispensed with as well as expensive investments in inhouse e-mail infrastructures. Business customers can then use the money they have saved elsewhere within their company", explained Johannes Pruchnow, Director of Business at Telefónica O2 Germany. "Such solutions provide a great deal of benefits, especially to small and medium-sized companies. Microsoft Exchange provides global access to e-mails and customer information in real-time using a wide range of end devices."
The new business e-mail service from O2 guarantees the highest level of security. Information can be transferred safely, as all data and passwords are protected using SSL encryption, and new computer viruses are repelled immediately thanks to the highly modern virus-breakout-detection. "Such help and solutions are not only sensible for companies and their employees, they are absolutely essential", according to Professor Jörn-Axel Meyer from the German Institute for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. His new study, "Confidentiality in mobile communications - a requirement of every company", has shown that 15 percent of the medium-sized companies in Germany have lost confidential information at least once. And 32 percent of the companies don't even know whether they have ever lost any such information. The scientist therefore recommends that companies use mobile communications sensibly and that they implement appropriate security solutions. The new business e-mail service from O2 offers such solutions. Further information available at:
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