New study:

The mobile revolution raises productivity and satisfaction in companies

MUNICH. Mobile communications are revolutionising everyday business life. This is the result of a new study by market research institute CN St.Gallen | The Refresh Company GmbH commissioned by Telefónica Germany. It shows that the use of mobile communications clearly raises companies' productivity and provides employees with much more freedom.
Almost 1,000 users of business mobile phones were surveyed for the study. Over two-thirds (66.8%) indicated that the assistance provided by new mobile communications had decisively enhanced their way of working in terms of flexibility and efficiency. Almost three-quarters (73%) can now be reached around the clock and can react immediately if business demands it. Thanks to modern telecommunications equipment, the travel time has become working time for more than every second professional mobile phone user (57.3%). More than half (52.8%) even described their business mobile phone as the "central cockpit" of their professional routine.
"The mobile revolution has unleashed unbelievable potential. But companies must use it too if they want to compete successfully," explains Johannes Pruchnow, Managing Director Business at Telefónica Germany. "The majority of respondents (58.0%) said they could operate even more productively if their employers equipped them with the latest end devices and usage options." Mobile telecommunications have already become an important sales instrument for almost two-thirds of those surveyed (62.4%). Through it, new markets and business fields have opened up in their companies, which will become steadily more important in the years to come. Changed business telecommunications make it possible to address customers far more directly, according to 59.4%. In their view there is still great potential here in terms of more successful customer acquisition and customer retention.
It is not just companies' productivity that improves, but employees' quality of life too. More than half of the respondents (52.5%) would already describe themselves as "mobile nomad". "Mobile communications and data organisation allow me to move as I like so that my office follows me and not vice-versa," was the most frequent answer. Just as many participants said that they had been able to reduce their "physical presence" in the office thanks to the altered technology and infrastructure. Most (54.5%) even stated that their most important business and communication processes are now virtual and that they only see the office as the "interface between the inside and outside world".
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