O2 Business presents offers for mobile LTE

MUNICH. Until now, the LTE offers of O2 Business have provided fast stationary Internet access in rural areas. And now the business customer division of Telefónica Germany is bringing the new generation of mobile offers to cities and mobile devices.
Starting in July, the self-employed, freelancers and companies can book the first tariffs for mobile LTE for use with tablets, surf sticks, netbooks and smartphones. Mobile LTE will initially be provided to business customers with the O2 Business Data tariff and the O2 surf flats. In its LTE expansion drive for this year, Telefónica Germany is concentrating on high-speed areas around Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dresden, Hanover, Leipzig, Nuremberg and in Rhine-Ruhr region. By the end of 2012, high-speed Internet access from O2 should be available in more than 200 cities and communities at speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s.
"Modern business life is going on in cities and at junctions like airports or trade shows", explained Johannes Pruchnow, Managing Director Business Telefónica Germany. "This is precisely where we are headed with LTE Mobile Business. Our customers expect fast Internet access with high download rates and low latency times, whether they're working stationary in the office or are on the move." The new business offers are graded based on data volumes and speed. For the first time a XXL tariff will be available with transfer rates of up to 50 MBit/s. Even at lower download speeds, the shorter latency times of LTE enable faster online work compared to UMTS. Telefónica Germany will announce further tariff details soon. For more information about LTE visit: http://www.o2business.de/lte
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