Dual Line from O2 Business: just one mobile phone for work and private use

MUNICH. Soon, business customers of Telefónica Germany will no longer need to have two mobile phones to keep their private and work communication separate. This is possible thanks to a new product that O2 Business will bring to the market in April: Dual Line. The mobile phone will contain just one SIM card, but with two phone numbers and two contracts.
Using it is easy. Via the Business menu of the mobile phone, the user can select "Dual Line" to switch conveniently between the two mobile phone numbers. Both mobile phone numbers on the SIM card access a shared phone book. An individual mailbox message can be recorded for each number. The user can always be reached via both numbers through telephone calls and text messages. Outgoing calls, texts and Internet use are charged for via the registered number. The roaming fees for incoming calls always appear on the bill of the number that was called. They never incur twice. Customers with Dual Line can also decide for themselves whether they wish to receive calls on both numbers or whether they would rather forward one connection directly to the mailbox. This helps, for instance, to provide the necessary respite from work over the weekend.
"The boundaries between work and private life are blurring. More and more workers therefore prefer to have one mobile phone for work and leisure time", explains Johannes Pruchnow, Managing Director Business Telefónica Germany. "Dual Line makes this possible. Our business customers no longer need to carry two phones, making them more flexible and more mobile." This trend is confirmed by a recent study commissioned by Telefónica Germany and carried out by market research institute CN St.Gallen | The Refresh Company GmbH. 66.7 percent of business mobile users questioned said: "A universal mobile phone, with which I could switch easily between private and professional activities at any time, would be very attractive for me." Only a small minority of users prefer having two devices and Dual Line makes this possible. All SIM cards for Dual Line are multicard-enabled. Where required, additional SIM cards can be ordered for other mobile devices such as surf sticks or tablets that use the same contract. More information and tips are available on the Internet at www.o2business.de/dualline
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