O2 Data m2m:

New machine-to-machine (m2m) tariff with charging-per-kilobyte and daily cap on data usage charges

-Charging per 1 kilobyte for most accurate billing
-Daily cap on data usage charges
MUNICH. Telefónica Germany has launched a new mobile tariff for automatic data transmissions among machines. The new O2 Data M2M charges machine-to-machine communication (m2m) per kilobyte of data. Thus companies of all sizes will benefit from a precise billing that's based exactly on their data volumes used. Additionally, the daily cost airbag of the new O2 Data M2M protects from unplanned data costs.
For a monthly fee of EUR 1.96 (net), business customers get a modern m2m tariff that's attractive for small and large companies alike. The billing uses steps of one kilobyte and the costs never exceed EUR 2.90 netto per day. Further data transmissions will not be charged from this amount on but the m2m communication goes on with the initial speed of 7.2 megabit per second. A restriction on GPRS speed would be only from one gigabyte per day. Thus the daily cost airbag of the new O2 Data M2M protects from nasty bill surprises.
"Machine-to-machine communications is one of the biggest growth areas in mobile communications.. So demand for tailored tariffs is massive," explains Marc Irmisch, Vice-President Small & Medium Enterprises & SoHo Business at Telefónica Germany. "Our new O2 Data M2M has been specially developed to meet that demand, and and is optimally targeted at the most modern m2m solutions." The price per megabyte of data is EUR 0.70 (net). Customers can also choose to add an M2M Data Pack of anywhere between 1 MB and 50 MB, with prices ranging from EUR 0.60 to EUR 4.50 (net). O2 Data M2M is available for a minimum contract term of 24 months, with a one-off activation charge of EUR 21.50 (net). You can choose whether to link the tariff to call options. The m2m market is a priority for Telefónica Digital. The new division was created to promote the growth of digital services and provide innovative products and services through Telefónica's national subsidiaries. Further information is available at: http://www.o2online.de/business/mittelstand/mobil/m2m/ (in German only) All questions regarding the new offers get of course answered by our social media business customer service at Twitter, XING and Facebook.
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