Starting 1st August for private and business customers:

O2 launches LTE roaming abroad

In perfect time for the summer holidays: Starting 1st August, O2 contract customers will be able to use the fast LTE network even when travelling abroad. The new LTE roaming will first be activated for popular holiday destinations such as Spain, France and the USA. Further countries will gradually follow suit over the course of the next months.
The new service applies to both private and business customers of LTE contracts. With effect of August, they will be able to use the fast 4G mobile network in those three countries, providing they use suitable smartphones, surf-sticks or tablets. Activation is simple: LTE will be available automatically for all contract customers who have it included in their tariffs for Germany. There is no need to actively enable it. EU-Roaming flat-rat: Use data volume as you do at home Starting this week, LTE will allow for a better network experience in a growing number of countries, enabling O2 customers to comfortably surf the mobile internet even when travelling abroad. No additional costs will be charged for its use, merely the agreed roaming charges. To prevent nasty surprises, the O2 tariffs ensure stable costs.
With the EU-Roaming flat-rate, private contract customers can even use their data volume as they do at home. This appealing option is also applicable for LTE roaming, allowing users to use up to 1 gigabyte of the monthly volume included in their tariffs when they travel abroad. The EU-Roaming flat-rate is already included in in the O2 Blue All-in L, XL or Premium tariffs. For the O2 Blue All-in S or M tariffs, it can be added at 4,99 Euros a month. Customers of other tariffs or who require less data volume can simply book the Travel Day Pack for 1,99 Euros per calendar day, which includes 50 megabytes to be used in the EU and further European states. For the other countries of the world customers can order the Data Pack World. Without these additional packs, the regulated standard price of 23,8 Cents per megabyte for data usage applies, however, not above 59,50 Euros per billing month.