Teenagers & the digital future: danger or opportunity?

MUNICH. Should the subject "media literacy" become compulsory at German schools? And, are teachers trained well enough to educate students in media competence? A lively debate about the use of media at schools has erupted on the internet platform diskutiere.de operated by UPJ on the initiative of Telefónica O2 Germany. Four weeks ago, O2 asked: "Are young people sufficiently prepared for the digital future?" Young people, partners, teachers, experts and providers of digital media are requested to join the discussion until 7 June.
"Children prepare themselves for the digital future." This contribution to the discussion clearly summarizes the motive of the debate which emerges time and again. While the digital development is evolving rapidly, the digital era seems not to have arrived at German schools as many discussion participants say. Obsolete infrastructures, a lack of further training opportunities for teachers, insufficient curriculums - the list of deficits is long. At the same time, the request for stronger commitment and enhanced networking of companies has increased - not only at schools. The cooperation of companies with social workers and youth centres has been proposed as an important step as well. The discussion participants agree with the experts who have joined on all of the subjects. And, Jutta Croll (Stiftung Digitale Chancen) adds: "In order to ensure that the internet becomes part of our everyday life to enable the enrichment and expansion of opportunities for the individual and greater equal opportunities, politics, the economy, sciences and social groups have to take concerted efforts." Closing event on 25 June The results of the online discussion will be taken up at the final event on 25 June at the O2 headquarters in Munich again. Dorothee Bär, Deputy Secretary General of the CSU, Jutta Croll, Managing Director of the Stiftung Digitale Chancen, Prof. Dr. Lutz Frühbrodt, Professor for Technology Journalism, and André Krause, Managing Director Finance, Telefónica O2 Germany, will discuss the question: "Are young people puppets or beneficiaries of digital media?"
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