Telefónica sets up international M2M unit

-The Company has dedicated more than 100 highly skilled and multidisciplinary professionals to define, develop, market and provide the necessary support to the Group's M2M (Machine to Machine) services
-Telefónica's "Global M2M" is the first integrated solution in the market which provides a turnkey solution and is supported by any communication technology - mobile, fixed or wireless
-The M2M Unit is powered by an M2M Innovation Centre which will develop new features, optimize applications, device certification and new technological capacities, anticipating to market demands
Telefónica today announced it has strengthened its commitment to providing machine-to-machine (M2M) services by setting up a global unit responsible of supporting its business clients in all markets where the company operates.
In establishing the M2M Global Unit, Telefónica has taken another step forward in leading this fast-growing market sector, which Gartner Research estimates will see to a base of 200 million cellular modules by 2012. M2M refers to the exchange of information in data format between two remote machines through either a mobile or fixed telecommunications network. This technology enables applications such as smart metering, connected cars, fleet management and remote monitoring of equipment - all without the need for human intervention. The M2M Global Unit is backed by a multinational and multidisciplinary team, dedicated exclusively to defining, implementing and supporting global clients as well as deploying these services to all the countries where Telefónica operates. The newly created M2M Unit functionally directly reports to the Telefónica S.A. Global Product and Services Unit and includes more than 100 skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds such as sales support, responsible to redefining the strategy by terms of sector; a marketing team to define the product's future evolution and joint deployment across all geographies; a technical group dedicated to the management, development and evolution of platforms and finally, the "Innovation Unit" focused on constantly anticipating market's needs and developing new functionalities, client applications and new devices. M2M communications have become a highly critical environment for a large number of businesses. Telefónica has designed a solution that overcomes technological barriers and responds to the needs of this businesses across a variety of sectors, including: telemetry for utilities (remote control of water, electricity or gas metres), banking modems, security and alarms, telemaintenance of vending machines, transportation (emergency calls in the event of accidents, telemaintenance, gas emission control), fleet or goods tracking and e-Health. Telefónica's Global M2M product is the first integrated end-to-end solution in the market which offers corporate clients a turnkey solution, not limited to mobile technology (SMS, GPRS or UMTS). Global M2M can be supported by ADSL or complementary networks such as Zigbee, UWB, Satellite, RFID or NFC, offering tailor-made global and local Value Added Services to any client anywhere.. Global M2M is powered by Telefónica's M2M Innovation Center, which anticipates markets demands and works exclusively on developing improved features and new technological capacities for the M2M solution, as well as optimising the wide range of application and ensuring all the necessary updates adapt to European legislation. Telefónica ha also developed a testing laboratory for the use of its corporate clients, so they can bring pilot projects and test new functionalities, applications and new handsets. Telefónica has successfully implemented and developed M2M products and services for more than 10 years and enjoys a leading position in the M2M sector in terms of number of lines and revenues.