O2 ranks second in connect Netztest 2010

MUNICH. Telefónica O2 Germany catapulted itself ahead in the connect Netztest 2010 and "edged Deutsche Telekom out of second place," writes the journal. Because of its highest reliability the company even achieved first in the Telephony category. In terms of network expansion, O2 also managed to "take a great leap forward".
This year, O2 leads in several important categories. The company emerged the clear winner in voice tests. Not only within cities but particularly along major country roads and highways O2's German mobile phone network provides stable connections and excellent voice quality. O2 is also equipped to handle the boom in smartphones. The company offers fast and reliable data transmission in cities and rural areas for anyone on the go who wishes to access data-intensive applications or send large files. O2 is the leader when it comes to the reliability of file downloads. The Munich-based network provider has expanded significantly and makes a persuasive argument with good data rates and very good connection stability. The FTP upload with O2 "offers the best combination of reliability and speed", writes connect, also praising the 'sensational high success rate when downloading e-mails".
"The mobile Internet is accelerating quickly because there are more and more smartphones on the market that are used primarily for mobile data communication," says René Schuster, CEO of Telefónica O2 Germany. "We've invested a lot in our fast data network and have expanded it across the board. That's why we're very happy about our second place, and next year we'll focus in particular on supplying LTE." The magazine connect conducts a comprehensive network test each year: As part of it, the performance of all major mobile phone networks is measured during a tour across all of Germany. The test looks at the reliability and speed of phone connections, website downloads, and downloads and uploads of e-mails and files using mobile phones and laptops. The route travels through rural as well as congested urban areas. Further information is available at www.o2.de
Telefónica O2 Germany GmbH & Co. OHG belongs to Telefónica Europe and is part of the Spanish telecommunication group Telefónica S.A. The Company offers its German private and business customers postpaid and prepaid mobile telecom products as well as innovative mobile data services based on the GPRS and UMTS technologies. In addition, the integrated communications provider also offers DSL fixed network telephony and high-speed internet. Telefónica Europe has about 55 million mobile and fixed network customers in Great Britain, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.