Think Big Media College

In favour of more media expertise - Federal Minister for Family Affairs assumes patronage of the Think Big Media College

Munich/Berlin - Social network fan or bookworm? According to the Shell Youth Study 2010, the social environment of 12 to 25 year-olds strongly determines which activities occupy their free time. Whilst young people from wealthier families read a lot, are creative and spend time developing their social connections, those of the same age from socially disadvantaged families spend significantly more time in front of the television or computer. Not to consider this a weakness, but rather to use this technical expertise in a positive way for potential life and job prospects is the approach used by the Think Big Media College. With immediate effect, Federal Minister for Family Affairs Dr Kristina Schröder is assuming patronage of the joint programme of the German Children and Youth Foundation (GCYF) and Telefónica O2 Germany in order to encourage media expertise amongst young people. Schröder stated: "Computers are an intrinsic part of the world of young people. Therefore, what I particularly like about the Think Big Media College project is that it fits directly into that world. This strengthens their potential, gives them new perspectives and creates new opportunities for their development."
The basis of the programme is that socially and educationally disadvantaged children are often technically very adept, but often do not apply this fully to their further development. This is where the Media College comes in - young people are introduced to new life and job prospects through the creative use of new media. They are encouraged to become active in the area of new media, to expand their digital abilities and to develop their creative potential. During this process the young people are supported with education and training, and the technical equipment is also provided. René Schuster, CEO of Telefónica O2 Germany: "We are very happy that the Europe-wide "Think Big" initiative is now being supported in Germany by Minister Schröder." "In the Media College young people are able to apply their talents and get group projects off the ground. It is wonderful feedback for them that the Federal Minister for Family Affairs has assumed patronage of the programme," says Dr Heike Kahl, Executive Director of the German Child and Youth Foundation. Still to come in 2010: Media College Final The high point for the participants is the national final event of the Media College at the end of the year on 20th November. Kool Savas will show the video for "Sky's the Limit", produced in the Media College workshops, and will then give a concert. What's happened so far: Media College Online ( is a public platform on which youths interested in media are able to develop their own ideas for music videos and lyrics for the new Kool Savas single. Alongside this, the Media College on Tour took place in the form of a national tour of 27 selected youth facilities throughout Germany. In addition, a total of ten projects run by youth support agencies were funded with up to 10,000 euros by Media College Local. Media College Workshops Between 08.10.2010 and 24.10.2010, two one-week autumn camps took place near Berlin. Under the direction of media teachers, media professionals and their mentor Kool Savas, the youths worked together to implement their ideas for the professional music video for the song "Sky's the limit". The participants were those who submitted the 80 best contributions to Media College Online. Further information:
About Think Big Think Big is O2's social action programme with a specific emphasis on supporting young people across our O2 markets. Think Big has been developed in partnership with the Telefónica Foundation accessing its world-class expertise on social and cultural action. The Telefónica Foundation was created in 1998 in Spain with the aim of establishing a long-term structure for the social and cultural activities of all companies of the Telefónica group, which includes the O2 companies. Many O2 people have already participated in the Telefónica Foundation's Proniño programme that supports more than 163,000 children in education across Latin America. Telefónica O2 Germany GmbH & Co. OHG belongs to Telefónica Europe and is part of the Spanish telecommunication group Telefónica S.A. The Company offers its German private and business customers postpaid and prepaid mobile telecom products as well as innovative mobile data services based on the GPRS and UMTS technologies. In addition, the integrated communications provider also offers DSL fixed network telephony and high-speed internet. Telefónica Europe has about 55 million mobile and fixed network customers in Great Britain, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. Die Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (DKJS) advocates young people in growing up well in our country and in experiencing and learning a democratic culture of togetherness. It encourages children in their abilities and their interests. It comforts young people to shape their places in society themselves and to take life boldly into their own hands. In order to lend them support many dedicated employees are needed. Therefore the DKJS incorporates parents, adult attendants and institutions in its programs and initiates reform processes: in kindergartens and schools, with the transition to the job world, in local family and youth policies.