Think Big Media College - the final event:

Kool Savas presented his new music video

Munich/ Berlin - On saturday evening the moment finally arrived: The official video clip for Kool Savas' song "Sky's the limit" was presented to the public in Berlin the 20th of November. The "King of Rap" wrote the song exclusively for the Think Big Media College. The clip was developed, shot and edited by young people from all over Germany, many of them from a deprived environment. Over 1.300 adolescents participated in the Social Action Program of the German Children and Youth Foundation and Telefónica O2 Germany in the last six months. The objectives of the program are to train young people in the use of digital media and hence to open up new vistas for their professional future and their lives.
The best 80 participants of the Think Big Media College brought in their creativity and their technical know-how to the realization of the music video. They stood in front of and behind the camera. Split in two groups they gave their best in the Media College Workshops one week in Gnewikow and one week in Berlin. They learned, worked and fought. Was it worthwhile? At the final event in Berlin the adolescents from all over Germany showed what they learned at the project. During the workshop they grew together as a group and a team. They negotiated independently internship places with the advisers of the creative scene and sat until late at night in the editing suites. They showed enthusiasm, concentration and personal initiative. The Media College Final should also be a reward for their commitment. The emerging talents presented their clip to the public, celebrated their making-of and Kool Savas thanked his charges with an exclusive concert. In addition the participants of seven different Media College local groups performed the results of their single projects. The success story of the Think Big Media College began in June 2010 when the project officially started. It was composed of five modules:
-1. Media College Online: An online platform where adolescents with an interest in the media could develop own ideas for music videos and lyrics for "Sky's the Limit". provided several millions of pictures for the storyboards.
-2. Media College on Tour: In 27 youth facilities all over Germany adolescents were introduced to the use of various media technologies by professionals.
-3. Media College Workshops: In two one-week camps the adolescents implemented their ideas for the music video together with media pedagogues and media professionals.
-4. Media College Local: With an accompanying support program in cooperation with the youth facilities young people were assisted to develop own ideas for projects in the field of Hip Hop and new media.
-5. Media College Final: The national final event where the results of the program were presented to the public.
Since this month also the German minister of family affairs Dr. Kristina Schröder assumed the patronage for the joint program of the German Children and Youth Foundation and Telefónica O2 Germany for the promotion of young people's media competence. For further information see
Think Big is a social action programme from O2 with a special focus on supporting young people in the O2 markets. The motto is: "We believe in young people". Think Big was developed in partnership with Fundación Telefónica, which brought its longstanding expertise in supporting children and youth work. Fundación Telefónica was founded in Spain in 1998 with the goal of creating long-term structures for social and cultural projects run by all the companies of the Telefónica Group, which includes O2. Many O2 employees have already participated in the Fundación Telefónica's Proniño Programme, which supports the education of more than 163,000 children in South America. Telefónica O2 Germany GmbH & Co. OHG belongs to Telefónica Europe, and is part of the Spanish telecommunications group Telefónica S.A. The company offers post and prepaid mobile communications products to its individual and business clients in Germany, as well as innovative mobile data services based on GPRS and UMTS technologies. As an integrated communications supplier, the company also provides DSL fixed-network telephony and high-speed Internet. Telefónica Europe has 54 million mobile and fixed-network customers in Britain, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (DKJS - German Children and Youth Foundation) is committed to helping young people in Germany grow up well while experiencing and learning a democratic culture of personal interaction. The organisation strengthens children in what they can accomplish and what moves them. It encourages young people to shape their own destiny in society and courageously take life into their own hands. In order to provide support, the foundation requires many committed peers. Therefore, the DKJS involves parents, adult chaperones and institutions in its programmes, while initiating reform processes: in kindergartens and schools, during the transition to professional life, and in family or local youth policy.