O2 LTE pilot networks

O2 is looking for several hundred test users for LTE pilot networks

-Friendly User Trials start in Munich, Ebersberg, Halle and Teutschenthal in December
MUNICH. Telefónica O2 Germany heralds the next stage in the construction of LTE (Long Term Evolution), the new mobile network technology. From December 2010, the first so-called "Friendly User Trials" will start in Ebersberg, Munich, Teutschenthal and Halle / Saale. With these trials, several hundred customers and non O2 customers, can test the new technology at home. With the LTE package, which is being provided free of charge, the testers can surf the Internet at high speed with up to 100 megabits per second for six months.
"We want to guarantee our usual high network quality in the future as well. It is therefore very important to us that our LTE technology is tested by as many users as possible, with regard to its suitability for everyday use," says Andrea Folgueiras, Managing Director of Network Technology at Telefónica O2 Germany. "The Friendly User Trials offer several hundred interested people the unique chance to do so. From the computer science student to the country doctor, we are inviting anyone who is interested to register on our website and start getting to know the advantages of the new mobile communication generation." Along with the registration process, the accompanying website provides information about the new technology and the progress being made in network expansion, as well as providing answers to questions about LTE. The Friendly User Trials start in the pilot networks of Ebersberg, Munich, Teutschenthal and Halle / Saale at the beginning of December 2010. Interested parties can apply at http://www.o2.de/goto/lte-test (in German) and will receive the O2 LTE test package for six months free of charge. This package contains the hardware, an LTE surf stick or an LTE router, the SIM card and a data flat rate for network use. Installation or connection fees and costs for the data flat rate do not apply for the duration of the test phase. The offer is directed at both O2 customers and other interested parties. "The expansion of the new technology makes a major contribution to closing the digital divide between town and country," adds Andrea Folgueiras. "In Munich and Halle we use frequencies in the 2.6 gigahertz range. In the two rural regions, Ebersberg and Teutschenthal, the LTE pilot networks transmit on 800 megahertz frequencies that originate from the digital dividend. This enables us to achieve Internet download transfer rates of almost 100 megabits per second - five times the speed currently possible via HSDPA. This increase in capacity is particularly evident with data-intensive HD videos, online computer games, live streaming and large downloads." Register for the Friendly User Trial at: http://www.o2.de/goto/lte-test (in German)
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