Initial results of the Eco Index from O2 for mobile phones

MUNICH. Today Telefónica Germany is publishing the initial results of its Eco Index, which rates the most environmentally friendly mobile phones in Germany. Nokia tops the list with four mobile phone models, followed closely by Samsung and Sony Ericsson. The Nokia E7-00 takes first place with a score of 4.1 out of a possible 5. According to the Eco Index, the following models carried by O2 are the most sustainable:
Nokia E7-00 - 4.1 points Nokia 1800 - 4 points Nokia 6700sl - 4 points Nokia C7-00 - 4 points Samsung Galaxy Ace - 4 points Samsung Wave S8500 - 4 points Sony Ericsson X8 - 4 points Sony Ericsson Arc - 3.9 points Telefónica Germany launched the Eco Index in order to promote sustainable living conditions with O2 products and services. The Eco Index was developed in collaboration with the independent sustainability experts at Forum for the Future ( as a means of helping customers to make a sound decision when purchasing a mobile phone. The sustainability of nearly every mobile phone in O2's product range is rated with a score between 0 and 5. The characteristics assessed include the device's impact on the environment, its contribution to sustainable living conditions and the manufacturer's ethical conduct.
The results of the Eco Index are published online at They help the customer to gain a comprehensive impression and make a well thought-out purchase decision based on the information. "The environmental impact of a mobile phone may seem a bit trivial compared to that of a car or refrigerator. But if you consider the number of mobile phones that are being used throughout the world, then it becomes clear that the impact is indeed considerable," says Markus von Böhlen, Vice President of Device Management at Telefónica Germany. "We know that environmental and social considerations are more and more important to customers, and we are grateful to the mobile phone manufacturers for supporting us with the implementation of the Eco Index." More than 80 percent of the mobile phones that Telefónica Germany currently sells were rated as part of the Eco Index. Additional information is available at
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