Telefónica Germany takes part in World IPv6 Day

MUNICH. Telefónica Germany is taking part in World IPv6 Day. On 8 June 2011 the O2 customer portal website will be accessible not only via the current Internet protocol IPv4, but also via the new standard, IPv6. Telefónica Germany's backbone servers can also route data packages via IPv6.
World IPv6 Day is an initiative by the Internet Society (ISOC), which is responsible for the further development of the transmission standard on the Internet. The organisation would like to use this event to promote the changeover to the new Internet protocol, which in future should make it possible for many more end devices to access the Internet. On World IPv6 Day, the ISOC intends to encourage network operators, Internet providers, hardware and software producers and all Internet companies to speed up their migration to IPv6 and ensure the compatibility of their services.
Many companies throughout the world have taken up the ISOC's call. The Spanish parent company of Telefónica Germany will also make several websites available via IPv6 on Wednesday. "World IPv6 Day is an outstanding opportunity to examine the implications of a global and extensive test on our networks and services," says Andrea Folgueiras, Managing Director of Network Technology at Telefónica Germany. "We're already working on a parallel operation so as to be able to offer services via the established IPv4 and its successor, IPv6. At the same time, we encourage all industry players to incorporate the migration to IPv6 into their technical planning." The changeover to the new Internet protocol is just around the corner, and it is necessary because IP addresses on the basis of IPv4 have been used up. The network administration organisation ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) assigned the last five remaining blocks of addresses in April. With IPv6, it will be possible to use a barely conceivable 340 sextillion (3.4 x 1038) public Internet addresses. By comparison, IPv4 allows the use of only 4.2 billion IP addresses.
For Telefónica, World IPv6 Day is just the latest item on its long list of activities. For twelve years already the group has been working on the changeover to the new Internet protocol. Initial experiences were gathered as early as 1999 when Telefónica's Research and Development department spearheaded an international research project related to IPv6 networks and services. From 2002 to 2005 Telefónica's R&D department headed up the Euro6IX (European IPv6 Internet Exchanges Backbone), the largest European IPv6 project in the telecommunications industry.
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