Türk Telekom Mobile postpaid tariff:Telefónica Germany and Türk Telekom expand offerings

-New contract rates to supplement prepaid offer
-Only one SIM card for Germany and Turkey
-Additional services and introductory offer
MUNICH. Telefónica Germany and Türk Telekom are further expanding their partnership, which began one year ago. In addition to their successful prepaid tariffs, Türk Telekom Mobile contracts are now available for the first time. The '100Flat' and '300Flat' options can be concluded as month-to-month contracts. The 'Comfort Flat' and 'Comfort Flat Plus' options have 24-month terms and offer additional benefits.
Türk Telekom Mobile is expanding its product portfolio. In addition to the '100Flat' and '300Flat' prepaid tariffs, the offering now also includes postpaid options, which are available with month-to-month contracts and no fixed contract term. Customers can also choose 24-month contracts with additional services. Depending on the package, the cost for a contract is either 20 or 30 Euros per month. "The good feedback we have received on the prepaid tariffs introduced one year ago attest to the great need for an offering perfectly tailored to the Turkish community," says Michiel van Eldik, Managing Director of Wholesale & Partner Management at Telefónica Germany. "The new contract tariffs offer our customers even more convenience and useful additional services."

Türk Telekom Mobile contracts at a glance

Türk Telekom Mobile contracts at a glance
All Türk Telekom contracts feature a flat rate to the German and Turkish landline networks, to the Turkish AVEA network as well as to the O2 network. In addition, all calls between Türk Telekom Mobile customers are included. Users with the '100Flat' rate also have 100 free minutes to all other German and Turkish mobile networks. The minute package also includes calls from Turkey to all German networks as well as all domestic calls. An especially attractive feature is that incoming calls and text messages (SMS) in Turkey are free of charge. Customers with the '300Flat' get 300 free minutes. 1) Starting 1.1.2013: Calls to the O2 network will be credited to the minute packages 2) 15 cents / minute after using up included minutes 3) 5 or 15 cents / SMS after using up included SMS 4) Speed will be reduced to 64 kBit/s after using up included volume 5) Data usage within Turkey will be charged per MB (currently 30 Cent/MB) after using up included volume

Only one SIM card for two countries

The 'Comfort Flat' tariff offers even more service. With a 24-month contract term, customers benefit from 100 free minutes as well as 100 free text messages (SMS) to all German and Turkish networks. An Internet flat rate is also included in Germany, which slows down after reaching a data volume of 100 MB. The 'Comfort Flat Plus' tariff is available for extensive phone and data use. In addition to the services included with the 'Comfort Flat' tariff, it also comes with 300 MB of surfing enjoyment at full speed within Germany. "With 'Comfort Flat' and 'Comfort Flat Plus' we are the only provider to offer postpaid tariffs that completely meet the communication needs of the Turkish community in Germany - and with only one SIM card," says Cengiz Öztelcan, Director International Investments, Türk Telekom. "Customers thus benefit from affordable telephony, text messaging and data services in both countries." Customers can also select text messaging (SMS) and data volume options in addition to the rates. As an introductory offer, customers only have to pay half the monthly basic charges until the end of the year. The new contract tariffs are available in Türk Telekom Mobile partner shops beginning 29 August 2012.
Türk Telekom Mobile is a product offered by Telefónica Germany and Türk Telekom. The jointly developed mobile tariff is aimed particularly at the needs of Turks living in Germany. Moreover, the offer is also attractive for German customers with business or private contacts in Turkey. Türk Telekom Mobile allows for inexpensive phone calls from Germany to Turkey, from Turkey to Germany and within Germany. It also offers the possibility to surf at attractive prices. Thanks to the telecommunications companies' strategic partnership, customers benefit from the strength of the largest integrated Turkish telecom provider, Türk Telekom, and its mobile services subsidiary, Avea. They also benefit from the strength of Telefónica Germany, one of the largest and highest-profile telecom providers on the German market. Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG, together with its O2 brand, is part of Telefónica Europe and is a company of the Spanish telecommunications group Telefónica S.A. The company offers both its private and business customers in Germany post- and prepaid mobile communications products, along with innovative mobile data services on the basis of GPRS, UMTS and LTE technology. As an integrated communications provider, the company also offers DSL landline telephony and high-speed Internet services. Telefónica Europe has more than 105 million mobile and landline customers in Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany.