Roll-out in Germany and expansion in Europe:Rocket Internet buys Wayra’s start-up Volo

Telefónica’s international start-up programme is proud to announce a successful exit from the Munich academy: Thanks to Wayra’s professional support and preparation, the young start-up Volo has now won over Rocket Internet.
Volo is not only a delivery service for your favourite restaurants that do not offer a delivery service of their own. The great benefit of the business idea is a special algorithm that individually finds the best route as well as the suitable driver for each delivery from Volo. After starting its business in Munich in April 2014, Volo is now also launching in Berlin and Frankfurt. Soon, further German restaurants in Hamburg, Cologne and Düsseldorf will follow. In addition, the start-up is planning a fast-paced international expansion. Quality, friendliness of service and speed are always key.

Volo: Delivery for restaurants without a service of their own

“We wanted to occupy a niche in the market that reaches out to restaurant owners as well as to consumers. We help restaurants that as of yet do not offer a delivery service of their own to open up to new target groups and expand beyond their immediate location. Customers, on the other hand, need no longer actually go to their favourite restaurant, but can order whatever they like to be delivered to their homes,” says Konstantin Mehl, CEO of Volo. “With this concept we have brought a little revolution to the local restaurant scene. We want to carry what has already started off very successfully in Munich to other cities and countries – not least thanks to the comprehensive support from Wayra.”

Wayra: Exit strategy drafted with the founders

This is how Volo works: Via customers select the restaurant that suits them, choose their favourite dish and simply order online: For each order, Volo’s intelligent software identifies the right driver to pick up the food at the restaurant as well as the ideal route. This ensures the best possible delivery at all times. “Together with the founders of Volo, we drafted an exit strategy and are very proud to be able to implement it now in such a successful way,” explains Garan Goodman, Managing Director of Wayra Germany. “The team at Volo have done an excellent job. We are, however, also convinced that the other teams currently at the academy will succeed.”

Simply online: Order in your favourite restaurant

About Volo: Volo is the friendliest delivery service for the best restaurants in Germany. The intelligent online platform was founded in October 2014 by Konstantin Mehl (CEO), Emanuel Pallua (COO), Manuel Thurner (CTO), Stefan Rothlehner (CTO) and Sergei Krauze (CTO) in Munich. Today the start-up is located in Berlin. A special algorithm identifies the optimum route between the driver, restaurant and customer. For each order, Volo insists on premium dishes, fast delivery and friendly drivers. About Wayra: Wayra is part of Telefónica’s Open Future initiative, which ties up all the branches of external innovations and VC investments of the Telefónica Group. Open future has analyzed more than 30.000 digital projects and administers a portfolio of more than 500 start-ups. Open Future has invested more than 300 billion Euros in the support and financing of digital projects across the world.