Telefónica Deutschland harmonises shop branding

Telefónica Deutschland is harmonising the branding of its shops. In the future all shops will operate under the O2 brand. In the course of the migration, all BASE shops will be converted into O2 shops. The BASE brand will be marketed online.
The conversion of the shops is due to be completed by the end of this year. Customers will still be able to take out BASE contracts at all BASE shops until they are switched to O2. For BASE customers there will be no changes. After the transition is complete, they will still have access to services, for example for contract renewals, at all O2 shops. The BASE brand will be marketed online. Telefónica Deutschland remains committed to its focused multi-brand strategy. Telefónica Deutschland’s goal is to create an optimal distribution of shops to offer best customer experience. The harmonising of the shop branding is the next step after Telefónica Deutschland’s announcement to transfer up to 300 shops to Drillisch.