Foundation of Telefónica Germany NEXT GmbH

Telefónica Deutschland bundles digital growth areas in a new company

-Focus on data-driven growth areas “Advanced Data Analytics” and “Internet of Things”
-Nicolaus Gollwitzer to manage new company from 2017
-Telefónica Germany NEXT is based in Berlin
-Further important step in the transformation into an OnLife Telco
Telefónica Deutschland is pushing ahead with the expansion of the strategic growth areas “Advanced Data Analytics” and “Internet of Things”. The company is bundling these activities in the newly founded Telefónica Germany NEXT GmbH, based in Berlin. Nicolaus Gollwitzer will take charge of the company on 1 January 2017. The new company will act as an independent entrepreneur on the market and develop digital products and services. “By founding Telefónica NEXT, we are promoting our data-driven growth areas, for which we have found a strong management team. For the successful transformation of Telefónica Deutschland into an OnLife Telco, it is important to combine the strengths of a start-up with those of a corporation. We are deliberately taking our new entity to Berlin, where the digital ecosystem of young entrepreneurs, companies, investors, science and politicians converges,” says Thorsten Dirks, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland.

Focus on data-driven growth areas

Telefónica NEXT sees itself as a partner to industry, which offers other companies solutions to allow them to make better use of the growth opportunities provided by digitalisation. With “Advanced Data Analytics”, Telefónica NEXT is eyeing the social and economic advantage that can be obtained from analysing large volumes of data. In the future, data analysis will give rise to new ideas and solutions for all areas of life – from mobility and health to private consumption and public administration. Advanced Data Analytics is operating on a growth market. For the German market for smart data analysis, annual growth of nearly 30% is expected between 2016 and 2022 1). In addition, Telefónica NEXT is working on solutions for the Internet of Things. With the new software platform, the company wants to help companies offer networked solutions for end users. The Internet of Things is still in its early stages, especially with regard to consumer applications, and has great growth potential. For example, McKinsey 2) forecasts the number of smart devices in Germany to growth from 82 million (2015) to 183 million by 2020. Telefónica NEXT is developing comprehensive industry solutions that unite both areas of expertise. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Telefónica Deutschland, Telefónica NEXT imposes strict data protection standards on all products and applications, and often goes even further, because people should be able to retain control over their data and shape their digital lives as they choose.
1) Infoholic research; RnR research 2) Machina Research, McKinsey Global Institute

Experienced management under Nicolaus Gollwitzer

Nikolaus Gollwitzer
Nicolaus Gollwitzer (53), previously CEO of Vodafone Automotive and Global Head of Telematics at Vodafone, will take charge of Telefónica NEXT’s development and growth as CEO of the new company from 1 January 2017. “The interconnection of things and smart data analysis promise massive potential for society and industry. Telefónica NEXT will develop solutions that industry needs in order to successfully master the digital transformation. The conditions for the new company are perfect: we will benefit from the experience and the network of one of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies while being able to operate as agilely as a start-up.”
Four experienced managers from Telefónica Deutschland have also been appointed to the management of Telefónica NEXT.
Moritz Diekmann (44) will be responsible for the Internet of Things. He was previously responsible for the value brands in the B2C division at Telefónica Deutschland.
Advanced Data Analytics will be headed by Florian Marquart (43), who was already in charge of this topic as Director of Digitisation in the Transformation & Integration division.
Credits: Telefónica Deutschland
Jens Lappoehn (44) was previously responsible for Transformation & Multichannel Management and was Managing Director of Retail GmbH. In the new company, he will take on both the development and marketing of industry solutions relating to Advanced Data Analytics and Internet of Things for retail companies.
Markus Leptien (43) will be responsible for Information Technology in the new company. He will remain Director of Digital Interaction & Service Integration at Telefónica Deutschland.