Shaping Digital Lives:

Telefónica Deutschland Annual Report 2016

Telefónica Deutschland has published its Annual Report 2016. The accompanying magazine, entitled "OnLife – Shaping Digital Lives" focuses on customers and their needs. A website shows the highlights, products and services of the past year and gives an insight into the company's strategy. As the OnLife Telco, Telefónica Deutschland helps customers to shape their digital lives. The Online Magazine provides an insight into the 2016 financial year and answers to customers' questions. The scene for the website launched today is a public space, a centre for interaction in everyday life. This is where the interests of people with different needs, desires and customs come into contact with the activities of the telecommunication provider.

Identifying and meeting expectations in real time

"As the OnLife Telco, we want to help our customers to live a self-determined digital life according to their desires and preferences," says Markus Haas, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland. "Our aim is to identify and meet our customers' expectations in real time. These capabilities are becoming a crucial factor for achieving competitive success." Digital life is already a reality for many people like Isabell, one of the protagonists of the report: These customers use their smartphones all the time, everywhere. Zoé also wants to have unlimited access to her fitness and food apps when she is out and about – O2 Free makes it possible. Laura and Ben are already enjoying the benefits of state-of-the-art data analysis and the Internet of Things. In an interview, Nicolaus Gollwitzer, CEO of Telefónica NEXT, talks about how his company is leveraging the opportunities provided by these growth areas. Good network coverage is the most important thing for Marco – the extensive network remodelling project is integrating the O2 and E-Plus networks in order to increase network availability for customers. Our customers' requests and questions range from looking for the right mobile contract to finding out how to protect their privacy. The website for the Annual Report 2016 illustrates this and other topics.

On the way to becoming the OnLife Telco

CEO Markus Haas and CFO Rachel Empey
In addition to the various products and services for customers, the online magazine presents Telefónica Deutschland's current strategy and the highlights from the 2016 financial year. In a video statement, the Management Board explains how Telefónica Deutschland is realising the vision of becoming the OnLife Telco and sustainably improving the lives of its customers. Rachel Empey, CFO of Telefónica Deutschland, looks back on the 2016 financial year and explains how the company is positioning itself as a pacemaker and driver of digitalisation and offering value added for its customers. More details can also be found in the "Our shares" section, which compiles the most important facts, figures and data for shareholders.

Interactive magazine with innovative functions now online

Like last year, the Annual Report website is designed as a multimedia site with extensive photos, numerous animated graphics and videos and various digital features. One special element is the video on the homepage, with its personalised navigation structure using moving images. The people in the public space guide users to the topics that interest them and the corresponding answers from Telefónica Deutschland. This video concept also becomes apparent on the sub-pages, while links guide readers to additional information on the respective topics. The complete Annual Report, including the Management Report, can be downloaded from the information centre in PDF format.

Further information

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