Telefónica Deutschland Annual Report 2017

Digital Me. Digital Us. – Experience mobile freedom.

Telefónica Deutschland published its Annual Report 2017 today. The online magazine accompanying the Annual Report is available under the meta theme “Mobile Freedom”. Alongside insights into the current strategy of Telefónica Deutschland and highlights from the financial year 2017, the website chapters Customers, Employees and Society show the differing facets of mobile freedom. All eight directors of Telefónica Deutschland also get the chance to say a few words in varied formats. In a video interview, Markus Haas and Markus Rolle each take a look at the successes from the past year, and Wolfgang Metze takes website visitors on a customer journey. Alfons Lösing provides a glimpse into our partner and business customer area, and Cayetano Carbajo Martín answers questions about the network. Guido Eidmann offers a podcast on the topic of cyber protection, in a video Valentina Daiber discusses handling data, and, also in a video, Nicole Gerhardt answers questions from employees. The mobile freedom of our customers is always the focus.

Freedom is “me” and “us”

Freedom is a very individual feeling, yet also a collective issue. Individual freedom cannot come about without joint understanding, mutual values, and also “tools”. “Our market environment depends on understanding customer needs,” explains Markus Haas, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland. The individual need becomes a collective feeling, the personal advantage a mutual benefit – and vice-versa. This dual equation of “me” becoming “us” is embedded in every story that we tell in the magazine for the Annual Report 2017: in every product and in the strategy of Telefónica Deutschland. Thereby Telefónica Deutschland represents the connecting link but is simultaneously also part of the whole: we enable mobile freedom for our customers.

Being, working and living mobile

For our customers, mobile freedom is a fundamental need, and therefore the objective of our brands. We are continuously working on making mobile data use limitless, carefree and understandable. In the online magazine, four protagonists with different requirements give us an insight into what “being mobile” means in their everyday lives. Digitalisation also effects the employees of Telefónica Deutschland. We would like you to meet four employees in different areas of work at Telefónica: their contributions to our customers' mobile freedom are as individual as they are themselves. As a provider that connects most people to a mobile network in Germany, we also have a responsibility for the community. At the Telefónica BASECAMP, we enter into dialogue, discussing subjects in the open.

Experiencing mobile freedom

On the Annual Report 2017 website, the user can experience mobile freedom in clear formats, videos and animated graphics. The online magazine has been optimised for mobile access – so that readers can experience mobile freedom themselves as they click through the Annual Report. By means of autoscrolling, the automated landing page uses a narrative element to guide the user through the meta theme, and also provides an overview of the structure and the central elements of the report. The customer stories follow the character of the respective protagonists: from YouTube-style through to a 360° video. They tell personal stories about their individual needs for mobile freedom. In the area of “Employees”, animated graphics illustrate complex themes and therefore supplement the internal view of Telefónica as an employer. Short video sequences from our discussion in Telefónica BASECAMP lend an overview of the social involvement of Telefónica Deutschland and, in doing so, also take a look beyond our own horizon. Key information on the highlights of the financial year, the strategy and shares are also clearly presented by means of animated graphics in the “Investor Relations” area. And anyone who requires the complete Annual Report – including status report and the separate combined non-financial report, which Telefónica Deutschland is publishing for the first time for 2017 – in compact format, can find it as a PDF download in the Info Centre.

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