New for business customers:

O2 on Business now in four sizes to suit every need, plus new XXL flat rate for LTE

-Flat rates for telephone calls to all German networks and for data - with the new O2 on Business rates
-Option to upgrade to LTE
-15 GB at full LTE speed with O2 Surf Flat XXL
MUNICH/GERMANY. Telefónica Germany has revised its most popular business customer tariff. O2 on Business is now available in four different sizes: S, M, L and XL. These each include flat rates for calls to all German networks and for data transfers. The new tariff levels replace the previous variations O2 on Business und O2 on Business Upgrade with immediate effect. In addition and on the same date, O2 Business is also launching its strongest LTE offering: O2 Surf Flat XXL.
Telefónica Germany presented O2 on Business S back in July, and now the variations M, L and XL are to round off the business customer range. The new tariffs differ in their monthly data volume allowance at full transfer speed, the inclusive minutes for calls abroad and SMS. "The new O2 on Business offers the right package for every business customer", says Marc Irmisch, Vice President Small & Medium Enterprises & SoHo Business at Telefónica Germany. "All four tariff levels enable full cost control for companies through their flat rates for telephone calls and data as well as the inclusive minutes for calls abroad."

The new O2 on Business at a glance

The new O2 on Business at a glance
The entry-level option O2 on Business S includes an unrestricted HSDPA data volume of 50 megabytes per month for 19 euros net. Level M, with its optional LTE upgrade and the data flat rate of up to one gigabyte at full speed, represents the ideal smartphone tariff. Aside from this, it includes 30 minutes for calls from Germany to abroad. And all this for 29 euros net per month. O2 on Business L, on the other hand, is aimed at business customers who make a lot of mobile calls and surf using a laptop or tablet. For 39 euros net per month, customers get an unrestricted HSDPA data volume of five gigabytes per month, 150 text messages to all German networks and an option to upgrade to LTE. Aside from this, customers can enjoy 60 minutes of calls to international numbers. For surfing with a laptop or tablet they also receive a second SIM card. The complete, worry-free all-round package is offered with O2 on Business XL. It costs 59 euros net per month and includes ten gigabytes of data volume per month with the full LTE speed of up to 50 megabits per second. This large package can also be used with a second SIM card on a laptop or tablet. In addition, customers get an unlimited amount of text messages to German networks, 60 minutes for calls to foreign numbers and 60 free minutes for incoming calls received abroad. The Internet Day Pack EU offers free-of-charge surfing for 60 days and is included in the tariff. The tariffs M to XL are also available with an exclusive smartphone for the additional cost of 15 euro net per month. What's more, with the data tariff O2 Surf Flat XXL O2 Business is launching its biggest LTE flat rate on the market starting immediately: a package which is perfectly tailored to the new broadband generation in mobile communication. At just 39 euros net, it offers unrestricted surfing pleasure at up to 50 megabits per second, which is only limited to 64 kilobits per second from 15 gigabytes per month. In addition, every month 50 megabytes are available to use abroad in world zone 1. An LTE surf stick is included in the offer.
All questions regarding the new offers get of course answered by our social media business customer service at Twitter, XING and Facebook.
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