Faster and better telephony with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) within the entire O2 network

-Higher speech quality and shorter call setup times enhance customers’ LTE network experience
-Smartphones will gradually receive LTE activation
MUNICH. Shorter call setups and higher speech quality in HD quality: Thanks to the wireless technology Voice over LTE (VoLTE), customers of Telefónica in Germany benefit from a considerably increased user experience. In addition to the high LTE data speed, VoLTE offers telephony of highest convenience. The new technology is already available throughout the entire O2 LTE network. Now Telefónica in Germany is activating smartphone models as soon as manufacturers provide firmware compatible with VoLTE.
Markus Haas, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
The first to be activated for VoLTE from April onwards will be the Samsung Galaxy S5. Shortly, the Nokia Lumia 830 and 640, as well as the Sony Xperia Z3 and subsequently further models, will follow suit. “For us as a leading digital telecommunication provider, the implementation of Voice over LTE establishes the next important step towards providing the best network experience for our customers,” says Markus Haas, COO Chief Operating Officer of Telefónica in Germany. “Making calls directly via the latest mobile communication standard completes customers’ LTE experience of the O2 network.” At the same time, Voice over LTE reduces the battery consumption of the customer’s device, as it has to run significantly less network searches. The former solution of automatically switching calls from the LTE network to the GSM or UMTS networks, called circuit-switched fallback, will of course remain available for all customers whose mobile or smartphones are not VoLTE-enabled or nor yet activated. By conducting comprehensive tests over the last months, smooth switching is ensured. Switching will occur less and less frequently, with the company driving forward the expansion of LTE. Telefónica in Germany is planning to increase the current LTE network coverage of around 62 percent of the population to reach an outdoor LTE coverage of up to 90 percent of the population.