Signal Box by O2 for business customers:

Ideal mobile phone coverage independent from constructional conditions

-Optimal O2 mobile phone reception even in production halls, subterranean garages, basement rooms or outlying offices
-Easy setup and connection via DSL
-Two models available depending on number of parallel connections
MUNICH. From now on, Telefónica Germany offers its business customers own indoor mobile phone cells. With the Signal Box by O2 companies optimize their UMTS signal within buildings in which the quality of reception is limited due to constructional conditions.
The Signal Box by O2 is a so called femtocell. The device has nearly the size of a DSL-router and sets up a small UMTS mobile phone cell. In this way, the Signal Box by O2 compensates supply weaknesses in buildings which are caused e.g by steel beam construction, solid walls, or metal-coated insulated windows. In order to set up an own mobile phone cell within the building, the Signal Box by O2 simply has to be linked with a LAN cable to any DSL connection and to the power supply. After the successful installation and registration the Signal Box by O2 finally set up itself. Once the box is installed, it builds up an own local UMTS network for mobile calls and internet usage. The femtocell is seamlessly integrated within the O2 network which means that mobile calls won't be disconnected when you leave the Signal Box reception area because mobile calls then will be handed-over into an O2 basic network. Even when you leave an underground garage to go to an external meeting the connection remains stable. The Signal Box by O2 can be obtained in two models from O2 Business sales. The Signal Box S enables up to four phone calls at the same time whereas the Signal Box M allows up to 16 parallel phone calls. The Signal Box S is priced at 149.99 euros net and the Signal Box M is 599.99 euros net. Monthly charges or minimum sales will not be billed.
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