Telefónica Global mWAN:

New managed VPN solution for international networking of companies

-Global availability of mWAN in over 170 countries
-Complete managed solution
-End-to-end service level agreement
-Central web-based customer interface for monitoring and management
MÜNCHEN. Telefónica in Germany is restructuring its VPN offers by crossing national borders for Wide Area Networks (WAN). With the new Telefónica Global mWAN international companies can connect their subsidiaries in more than 170 countries. The new solution connects the locations regardless of access technology via a reliable network that Telefónica manages for the companies from end to end.
Telefónica Global mWAN is recommended especially for enterprises that have offices, for example, in India, China and the United States. It is also possible to integrate locations of suppliers into the communication networks of the companies. Telefónica brings its strength into play by having its own company's IP network, which is one of the largest in the world. Anyhow Telefónica Global mWAN is not only of interest to large enterprises.
"Today, more than half of German companies with more than 250 employees have locations abroad. For telecommunications service providers, this means that they have to adapt their products to the global needs of customers," said Michiel van Eldik, Chief Marketing Officer at Telefónica Germany. "With Telefónica Global mWAN companies get a secured private network for communication between their various locations. This is the only way to transfer data with an exactly defined quality-of-service." For example, important data streams can be prioritized. This is particularly important for video transmissions to avoid distortions of the produced images. Until now, companies needed their own IT management for those highly reliable solutions, which caused additional costs. But Telefónica Global mWAN puts an end to such worries: Telefónica takes over the complete management of the site network, so companies can concentrate on their core industrial competencies.
Telefónica Global mWAN enables cost-effective high-performance connectivity between subsidiaries in more than 170 countries, thus communication of multinational companies can be faster and more reliable. It is possible to transfer all kinds of corporate data: phone calls, Unified Communications, ERP information and internet data quickly reach their recipients. The managed WAN (mWAN) works via MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) with on-demand access of locations over leased lines (fiber optic), Ethernet (copper or fiber), mobile telephony, xDSL or IPsec. The high reliability of Telefónica Global mWAN is implemented by a global service level agreement (SLA), which ranges to all endpoints of the network (end-to-end), rather than just to the point-of-presence (PoP). Within the SLA, Telefónica defines the scope and quality of the provided services accurately and commits itself to various global standards for companies. Another important function is the Central Service Platform (CSP) of Telefónica Global mWAN. With this multi-functional customer platform all locations and the quality of the connections can be controlled via a website. The CSP is used for monitoring, reporting and management (e-Ordering and e-Ticketing) of the whole mWAN. For example, evaluations of availability, jitter, round-trip times can be trace through the website. Telefónica Global mWAN is available from now on. Business customers can order it via the direct sales channel of Telefónica in Germany.
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