The new O2 Blue portfolio: Includes more data, 4G and roaming

“Not without my smartphone” is what most users of mobile phones nowadays will claim. The majority does not only use their device to make or receive phone calls, but to surf the web whenever and wherever they are, or to download data on the go – at high speed, of course. O2 supports consumers on their digital journey and works to further develop its O2 Blue tariffs tailored especially to meet those needs. Starting from 3rd February, O2 customers will profit from additional data volume and 4G access as part of all tariffs. The new data automatic enables customers to enjoy unrestrained web-experience at constant speed. An attractive roaming option for the EU ensures they can use services just as they do at home. They can still profit from the combination benefit and save up to ten Euros a month.
Worry-free surfing: Whenever, wherever Should customers exceed the data volume included in their tariff, they can still surf the web free of worries, at constant speed and at all times. If they use more than the volume provided in their tariff, they receive additional 100 megabytes for the price of 2 Euros. Within the same month, customers can receive two more of these additional data snacks. If they make use of all three data snacks in three consecutive months, an upgrade for five Euros is automatically activated. Customers will be informed of this via a text message. Depending on the respective tariff, the additional data volume comprises either 500 megabytes or 1 gigabyte. The data package can be cancelled on a monthly basis. If users object, they continue surfing at their regular terms. If they do not want to use the all-inclusive package, customers can deactivate the data automatic. On holiday: Data usage just like at home The new EU Roaming Flat Option makes surfing the web in the EU easier and less expensive, as customers can use their smartphone even abroad just as they are accustomed to from home: With the new EU Roaming Flat travelers within Europe can make full use of their included data volume up to one gigabyte. All incoming calls are also included, as is a flat rate for calls within the EU and for calls made from the EU to Germany. The Roaming Flat is included in the All-in L, XL or Premium Package. Customers of the All-in S or M Package can add the option for 4,99 Euros to have all the components of their tariff available abroad. From basic to premium: The right tariff for everyone Whether for chatterboxes or for data users, beginners or heavy users – with its O2 Blue portfolio Telefónica offers customers the right tariff for every need. Thanks to the new enhancement, customers profit from additional benefits and get even more value for money, especially in the O2 Blue All-in L. Young people and students will also appreciate double 4G data volume (as compared to private customers) in all O2 Blue All-in tariffs. Except for the O2 Blue All-in S, they continue to profit from a five-Euro reduction on their monthly basic fee. The O2 Blue All-in Professional tariffs respond in particular to the needs of self-employed workers, offering them 50 per cent more national 4G data volume as compared to tariffs for private customers. In addition, with the international business becoming more and more important for self-employed workers, minutes for calls abroad from Germany are included in all O2 Blue All-in Professional tariffs. This helps self-employed workers maintain full cost-control. From 3rd February, the enhanced O2 Blue portfolio, including the combination benefit, will also be available from BASE shops. When purchasing an O2 DSL All-in tariff in combination with a BASE mobile tariff, customers save up to ten Euros a month on their DSL bill.

The new O2 Blue portfolio

The new O2 Blue Professional portfolio