Pre-order to start soon: The new LG G4 from O2 and BASE

LG has just presented its new highlight smartphone, which will of course also be on offer at Telefónica. The new LG G4 will hit the O2 and BASE shops at the beginning of June, with pre-orders starting even earlier, on 19th May. The best thing about the offer: The first customers to order will receive a microSD™ card with 64 gigabytes on top from O2. For free! Thanks to this, there is storage space to save a host of additional photos and videos, once the 32 gigabytes of internal storage become used up.
A preview of the new mega smartphone can be watched here. The LG G4 will be on sale from O2 and BASE in two colour variations: Metallic Silver and Leather Black. They really highlight the unique character of the new flagship phone LG G4, which combines technology and design to a T. In particular, the hand-crafted leather look harmonizes with the curved shape of the device to make a clear statement: We distinguish ourselves from the mass of Android smartphones and will not be molded to fit the flock.

Reflex-camera quality: Laser autofocus and luminous lens

Further, the new top model by LG is the first smartphone to use Quantum IPS technology for its display and, according to the manufacturer, features the “best smartphone camera of the world”. The 16 megapixels camera on the back also comprises qualities normally associated with reflex cameras: The high-luminosity f/1.8 lens enables precise and clear photographs even in very little light. The new 2.0 image stabilizer supports pan and tilt of up to two degrees instead of only one and, as a result, also compensates camera shakes 100 percent better. In addition, the camera comprises a very photosensitive image sensor and an additional sensor for the colour spectrum, which analyses per infrared and creates particularly natural and lively colour photographs. The superfast laser autofocus aims within no more than 0.1 seconds, making it almost three times as fast as a traditional one. Photographers need no longer miss their shot. In the expert mode, all settings of the LG G4 can be adjusted manually, including a thorough white balance. Even saving images in RAW format and indicating histograms is possible. These special functions have so far only been incorporated in professional cameras, but selfie-fans will also get their money’s worth with the eight-megapixels camera on the front. Thanks to its practical Selfie-Cam function, these self-portrait pictures can be taken easily with a simple movement of the hand. No need to stretch your arm to keep one finger on the release button. In addition, the manufacturer has at last built in a flash next to the front camera, so that the LG G4 takes striking selfies even in bad lighting conditions. This is a great benefit in particular for photographs taken in discos and at parties.

Quantum IPS: High-brilliance and low-consumption display

The power required by the LG G4 is ensured by its strong 3,000 mAh exchangeable battery, as well as by the fast and power-saving hexa core processor. The highlight among the hardware features, however, is the smartphone’s display. The new IPS Quantum technology bestows the 5.5-inch-sized Quad-HD-resolution display with a particularly broad colour spectrum, as well as a great deal more realistic and brilliant images. The best thing about it: The display consumes even less power than traditional LCD displays. The LG G4 outstrips even the top-notch display of its predecessor. Compared to the LG G3, Quantum IPS allows for 50 per cent more contrast, 25 per cent more brightness and eleven per cent less energy consumption. Additional energy-saving functions, such as QSlide or Keytouch, prolong the battery’s running time even further. That’s pretty impressive. So watch the preview of the new LG G4 here right now an pre-order on 19th May to secure your microSD™ Card for 64 gigabytes extra storage.